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  1. Dear All:

    I was thinking about an idea and would like to share it with you

    because many members here do not set an avatar yet, I'd like to suggest using a default avatar for any member did not set a one yet,

    Also I'd like to suggest to let be forum or site slogan related... meaning that it could be the slogan exist in the top of the page for Wincert.Net

    What do you think!?

  2. Hi All:

    I'd like to report that the function for the View New Posts is not working well, because when I hit this link it browse nothing, while when I go through the forum itself I found many topics contains new posts that I did not read yet.

    Thanks :unsure:

  3. I'd like to suggest starting using such a thing when we grow up enough but as long as the forum not yet wide enough I think we make give new members some time

    but for me...I'd to report that I do not have any validation problems :naughty: :clap: LOL

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