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  1. (Pre-installation) Was wondering if you could load the registry and add the registry entries and then mount the wim file and add the logon screens so that on first use this would would change the default logon screen? Thanx
  2. That Would be Awsome Theres nothing Like that So far in Nowhere
  3. Thank you my Friend for all your hard work and time, I really Aprreciate it
  4. I was wondering if %DefaultProfile% means it will go to all the user profiles. Where does %Desktop% Go to ? Only the first time user?
  5. Well that okey dude, i dont mind every release is another new Surprise :thumbsup_anim: Thank You though!
  6. Da best out of all of these, you think you can also make the latest so far of the windows 7 toolkits with the wim filter?That would be by far the best addon Yet! :w00t:
  7. I was trying the Msp ectractor and it found the updates but when i pushed convert it said all the updates were converted properly but when i looked in the folder where i put to save them they were not there. Tried multiple locations and Tried other updates. Can you Help on dis.
  8. I was wondering if it would be possible to download without the windows locking out and not letting you do anything. For example my internet is slow and when i work on an image and i push the download button, i have to wait forever until i can continue work on it. Could you make a separate window for the downloads to take place. Thanks you for this Awesome Program.
  9. Sorry but in my Opinion Winzip pro is da Best. Its cause i really tried twice with microsoft but i messed up bad. And i do like winzip also. But i can try again
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