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  1. dougiefresh any news on the update? ready to test as soon as you release it.
  2. Mixedaddon not available please reupload when you have time. Thanks
  3. YumeYao file no longer available please reupload when you have time. Thanks
  4. Rick new updates are out when you have a chance please update Thanks
  5. Rick thanks for the update but the file seems to be broken.
  6. ImgBurn has been released Rick if you have time please update Thanks
  7. bober I just downloaded this test version and noticed that these new programs are included in the patcher? is this something new moving forward? DriveSpace, Qtab, TaskTips, Winflip Also what setting are you using when you rar this up? I can never get it as small as yours when I make changes to it. Thanks, dolivas
  8. Rick it does the same thing that is where I original came from. If I right click and choose save link as I am able to download the file.
  9. Thanks for the update but the link does not work it takes you in a loop and I can not download?
  10. Jonnyboy nice work I was final able to test the new version and like the looks better. The removal of the program directory is now working I now have another problem do you know why the short cut and the add remove entry for the name of the program is showing %programname% program name being the the name of the program why the % Thanks, dolivas
  11. Rick thanks for all your updates there is an error on line 246 of the 7zip.ini nothing big but just wanted to let you know. Thanks, dolivas Current HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\7-Zip","DisplayName",,"7-Zip 4.61" Should be HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\7-Zip","DisplayName",,"7-Zip 4.62"
  12. Jonnyboy excellent work I have some questions I have been playing around with this and have it some what working I am trying to make a addon for my Restorator 2007 and have it working but it is not creating the menu in Start/All Programs/Restorator 2007 I was able to create a shortcut to the program in Start/All Programs/Administrator Tools and the second problem I am having is that when I uninstall the program thru Add/Remove it deletes the short cut but not the program and directory at C:\program files\Restorator 2007 Thanks for any help you can provide. dolivas ; Created with Jonnyboy's I
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