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  1. Know how much hard drive space you have left at a glance, just like in windows vista. Installation is easy... Just extract the contents of this .rar file into your program files folder and run the .exe file. Windows Defender Users:When you run the .exe file, Windows Defender will pop up, accept the changes and its business as usual http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1273 Thanks to Kelsenellenelvian for this great addon
  2. i was taking a look at making some "glass" vista style gfx for a while, but i never got around to it...but today i did...Hope you like them! They are totally transparent, so you can use them on your desktop (you can use them to make you own if you want) If you want me to make custom ones for you , just reply, i'll be happy to do so! PS: if you want to learn HOW i made them, you'll have to wait...i havent written that tutorial yet
  3. *drools* i now have a 153MB photoshop resources folder Moved to Graphics Showcase there in my forum now, muhahaha
  4. :thumb_yello: Great Work Ricktendo :clap: your effort is appreciated, thanks for the great tutorial
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    me too! great work N1K
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    welcome tain! always nice to see someone from MSFN, Welcome aboard!
  7. oh, what i think is just a little bias
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    erm...this is a change of pase isnt it . Welcome gamehead!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  9. @N1K - that used to happen to me all the time, then it just went away after i updated to the newer version of messenger plus, try that. Update link
  10. you don't know me :ph34r: :lol: glad to have you aboard, ricktendo
  11. OK everyone, post your desktop screenshots here for this month Clean Dirty
  12. Graphics Showcase Forum Rules This is just some guidelines on how to act when posting in the Gfx tutorials forum and what you should keep in mind. These rules are not a "suggestion"! They will be enforced by me and all other WinCert Mods/Admins! If you are requesting graphics, please read on. If you are posting graphics, please scroll down to "Section 2: Posting Graphics" Section 1: Requesting Graphics If you have come to this forum looking for a Sig, or a logo...you've come to the right place! This is the forum where you can do that sort of thing, but when requesting graphics, please give enough information so that the designer can make it to you liking. If you not sure what information to provide, here are some examples... Size, in px (Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 and 80kb) Color(s) Text Pictures etc... Lets try to keep the forum clean, so if you are requesting graphics, please start you topic title with "[Request]" and label it with this emoticon " ". Section 2: Posting Graphics The forum rules still apply, no matter what! Here is a link to them, just in case you cant find them! WinCert.Net Forum Rules With all that out of the way, have fun with PS!! ---WolfX2, The nerdyist mod around
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    http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/icon.htm enjoy a good laugh :lol:
  14. Photoshop Tutorial Forum Posting Rules This is just some guidelines on how to act when posting in the Gfx tutorials forum and what you should keep in mind. These rules are not a "suggestion"! They will be enforced by me and all other WinCert Mods/Admins! If you are writing a tutorial, please read on... If you are requesting a tutorial, please scroll down to "Section 2: Requesting a Tutorial" If you are replying to a tutorial, please scroll down to "Section 3: Replying to a Tutorial" Section 1: Writing a Tutorial Rule Number 1: Purpose Graphics serve only one purpose, to ADVERTISE! If a graphic is not advertising something or is advertising something inappropriate for this forum, it has NO place anywhere here. Rule Number 2: Titles All tutorial titles should begin with "[How To]" and be labeled with this icon " ". Titles should be clearly marked and no title should be duplicated. Any posts with generic titles will be renamed. Double posts will be deleted! Rule Number 3: Image Screen Shots When posting screenshots/images, make sure they do not exceed 300px*200px or provide a link to the image. Please try to avoid from uploading images to WinCert, use a free service like imageshack alternatively. Rule Number 4: Less is Best As Simple As Possible When writing a tutorial, try to get to the end in less than 10 steps. Filter through your tutorial before posting it, so only the necessary information is used. Please keep in mind you can post a maximum of ten images per post. Rule Number 5: Effort is Appreciated Please don't provide a link to a tutorial, actually copy and paste it into a new post. If you were not the creator of the tutorial, please give credit to the resource it originated from. Section 2: Requesting a tutorial Rule Number 1: Titles All tutorial requests should begin with "[Request]" and be labeled with this icon " ".Titles should be clearly marked and no title should be duplicated. Any posts with generic titles will be renamed. Double posts will be deleted! Once Tutorial Requests have been answered the title beginning will be changed to "[How To]" and the post with the tutorial will be bumped up to the top, for convenience and easy readability. Rule Number 2: Tutorials Only This is NOT the forum to request graphics in! Only graphics tutorials may be requested here. This forum is about LEARNING how to create graphics! Any graphic request topics will be closed and the user's warn levels increased. Rule Number 3: New Idea=New Topic Topics have titles for a reason, don't request multiple tutorials in a single topic. New Idea=New Topic. Section 3: Repliers Rights The 1 and only rule: Please Rate Tutorials If you decide to reply to a tutorial, please rate it. That way we can see if a tutorial is helpful or not! (I will be on the hunt for fake and useless tutorials and removing them!) Section 4: Wincert Forum Rules The forum rules still apply, no matter what! Here is a link to them, just in case you cant find them! WinCert.Net Forum RulesWith all that out of the way, have fun with PS!! ---WolfX2, The nerdyist mod around
  15. In this tutorial you will learn how to add that trendy smooth gloss effect to your shapes, text and objects in Photoshop. Its a universal effect and can make most aspects of a design look really sleek and attractive. Step 1 The first step to this tutorial is to create your shape on a blank canvas. *Note that this isn't how you have to do it all the time, but for the sake of learning this is the quickest and easiest way to grasp the technique. For this tutorial, well use a rounded rectangle shape: *Note, this can be done with any shape you like. We are using the rounded rectangle as an example only. The technique can be applied to text, shapes and most objects in Photoshop. Step 2 Now that you have your basic shape, you can start to construct the glossy effect that this tutorial is all about. Your first task in this stage is to make the selection for the area that you want to add the gloss to. This is the trickiest part of the whole effect, so you need to be a little careful. To select the entire area of the shape, move yourself over to the layers window (accessible also from Window > Layers on the top menu) and left click on the shape layer only once. While holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard left click the shape layer once more and it will create a selection around the shape for you. The outcome should look like this: Step 3 Now that you have your basic selection as seen above, its time to trim some of that away so that you get your base for creating the amazing gloss effect that you want. The next thing for you to do is to create a new layer by clicking the New Layer icon that can be found at the bottom of the Layers Window: Once you have your new layer you are almost ready to start adding your gloss effect, however you still have to limit your selected area. To do this, select the square marquee tool from the toolbar and set the controlling power to the one shown here: Now that your tools are set, its time to select the area you want to gloss. For the sake of the tutorial and for you to pick the technique up quicker, drag a square selection from above the current selection down to about half way into the shape and let go of the left mouse button. You should end up with a result that looks like this: *Note, other selections can be made by experimenting with the circular marquee and the lasso tools. Step 4 Now its time to actually make this gloss effect visible. Select your gradient tool from the toolbar and set the controlling power to the one shown here: Its important for your foreground colour to be set to white. This will be the only colour that you can use to achieve the gloss effect properly. Now that you have your selection and your tools ready its time to get to business. Step 5 Take your gradient tool, and drag downwards from just above the top of your shape, to just below where your selection ends. Once you have done this hold on CTRL and then tap the D key, this will deselect the area. You should achieve a result looking like this: now all you have to do is select the first layer by clicking the layer preview and pressing ctrl while clicking go, Edit>Stroke, outline selection>change the weight to 2px chose a dark red color and the outside stroke option and click OK all finished again, don't be afraid to bend the rules of photoshop to make it look perfect Up next: Vista Glass
  16. In this tutorial we'll see how to create a cool Glossy Button. Open a new document with white background, is used a 300px x 300px document(it can be of any size, we only use it as background while designing). Create a new Layer and name it "gradient", pick the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection of the size you want your button to be: mine is 113 x 29. Now choose the Gradient Tool, be sure to select the Linear Gradient and create a gradient like this one Image Link and draw it from top to bottom into the selection we just made, hold Shift Pressed while dragging the mouse to be sure to draw straight: this is what your should have now. Now we'll see several ways to obtain glossy effects; First Way: Create a new layer, set white as your foreground color, (be sure to have the button still selected, if not hold CTRL pressed and click on the Gradient layer) select the Rectangle Tool and draw a white rectangle that overlaps the upper half of your button then lower the opacity of this layer to 20% Seccond Way: Create a new layer, set white as your foreground color, (be sure to have the button still selected, if not hold CTRL pressed and click on the Gradient layer) select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and choose the Subtract from Selection modeCreate a new layer, set white as your foreground color, (be sure to have the button still selected, if not hold CTRL pressed and click on the Gradient layer) select the Subtract From Selection mode: and draw an ellipse like this: after you release your mouse button you should have this selection: Fill it with white and lower the opacity of this layer to 35%
  17. in this one i teach you how to make the "depth reflection" effect first make a 400*200 canvas and fill it with your favorite color then pick your favorite font with a color you think will look good on the background you chose and on a new layer type your favorite word(s) next, duplicate the text layer. Then go Image>Rotate>Flip Layer Vertical and move it directly under the original text layer, so its almost touching now, go to the rectangular marquee tool and set feather to about 4px (on the top bar) Simplify the duplicated layer and then, on the duplicated layer, select about half of the text, right click and click "select inverse" hit delete, deselect and dull the opacity of that layer to 50% and that's it! when you get good like me, you can make things like this in case your wondering, this is the specks for the last image edges=feathered 4px, twice Effect=5px Simple pillow and 1px soft shadow Background gloss= white fill 20% opacity Background color=Blue shades gradient and don't be afraid to bend the rules of photoshop to work to your advantage Coming Up: Gloss-e-ness
  18. have you ever wanted to make links to different resources in YOUR SIGNATURE IMAGE? *surprised gasp* that's right, its simple just follow this tutorial the whole basis of this is that the one image is cut up into rectangles and then fit back together, in the same order it was before it was cut. The reason behind doing this is so that parts can be linked, since you can only like separate images and not parts of one, mabye in the near future we won't need this method, but for now, its the only way. Section 1:Start in Photoshop I'm going to assume that you have made an image in photoshop and you have it open NOT in PSD format but in .png or so they're are NO separate layers, only 1 main one! first start by selecting the first part of your image http://img400.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1qv4.png next, cut that image http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=2fw7.png then, paste that image http://img464.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3ns6.png now all that's left to do is go to it and save it http://img400.imageshack.us/my.php?image=4ea7.png just repeat these steps for the rest of them Section 2: Reassemble it now that we have our image cut up, we must upload the pieces and reassemble it there it is, just like it was when you first made it (if you see any seam lines, you cut it wrong and your spacing is off, go back in photoshop and make sure you cut it PERFECT) the code for this is as follows [img=http://img159.imageshack.us/img159/9319/untitled1018er.gif] [img=http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8766/untitled1024sm.gif[/img][img]http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4607/untitled1036ci.gif] [img=http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/6488/untitled1044fq.gif[/img][img]http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/9687/untitled1053ty.gif] Section 3: Link it up all we have to do is put links to the images we want and we're finished. this image has been cut up into 5 pieces and reassembled, but we are not going to link anything to the top piece, but gfx1, gfx2, gfx3, and gfx4 we will link to different places if we wanted gfx1 to link to say...www.google.ca, we would change the code like this [img=http://img159.imageshack.us/img159/9319/untitled1018er.gif] [url=http://www.google.ca][img=http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8766/untitled1024sm.gif[/img][/url][img]http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4607/untitled1036ci.gif] [img=http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/6488/untitled1044fq.gif[/img][img]http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/9687/untitled1053ty.gif] so now we have this go ahead and click "gfx 1". brings you to Google right? now just repeat for the other images and there you go, a perfect linked image
  19. Windows Complete Security Guide Everything You need to keep Windows Running Fast, Safe, Secure, And Virtually Error Free Will be layed out right before your eyes! The 10 Keys to PC Safety Part 1: Microsoft Update. NOW! Microsoft Update are the best source for updating your windows OS and Microsoft Office Products. having the latest update, will usually mean, better performance and/or security, the update was made for a reason! To see if you have the latest version of your software go the the Microsoft Update website and follow the on screen instructions! Part 2: Anti-virus Software USE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE! Anti-virus software protects your computer from viruses, Worms, Trojans and other miraculous software! This is a MUST if you have a computer with the Internet, and if your reading this ON A COMPUTER, you do. The best anti-virus titles Include... McAfee Kaspersky Trend Micro NOD32 Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition Now those are all "pay-for" anti-virus software titles. Cant afford that? NO PROBLEM! The best FREE anti-virus titles include... Avast! Free Antivirus Microsoft One Care BETA AntiVir Avg Free Anti-virus Now, before you install anti-virus software be sure to make sure you select one you really like because YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE! Installing more than one anti-virus software may cause a overload of your system over time! for more free and pay for antivirus software go here OK, you picked one and installed it, kool! now update it! Right Click you anti-virus Software's Logo in the system tray. Click Update. Follow the instructions (You must be connected to the Internet to update your anti-virus software) Now, ur updated! so Run a Scan! and Run a scan every week for the REST OF YOUR LIFE MUHAHAHAHA! and I'm not kidding! But if your a forgetful person your anti-virus software more than likely has some kind of scheduling options! if it doesn't, i explain how to set up scheduling later in this guide! now we all know computers code and software code is flawless, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: , oh my, that was funny (if you cant understand my computer geek humor that was a joke) Computer and software code is always flawed! So it is always good to have a backup to see if your anti-virus software is working properly and picking up all the viruses on your system! every month or so, do a on-line virus check! These checks are free and are totally web based! and will remove viruses on your system! BUT they are not substitutes for anti-virus software! The best and most comprehensive online scanner is... Microsoft Safety Center Its a complete tuneup/safety service! It checks for mailware, spyware, regestry errors, system clutter, Open network ports, if you have all your windows updates and more! Part 3:Build Your Firewall (be careful, HOT!) Use a firewall! (not windows firewall :} ) Firewalls Keep People (hackers) from accessing your documents, files, and it just makes your computer safe! You can go buy a firewall but... there is no point! Use an free on-line firewall! Keiro Free Firewall Zonealarm Free Firewall For more firewall titles, take a look Here Firewalls usually only need updating by-monthly! It will tell you when its time to download updates! don't worry! That wraps it up for firewalls! Part 4:Staying Spy-ware Safe!...starting to wonder if I'll ever finish this Spy-ware are little programs that watch everything you do, and can slow down your computer dramatically! And you may not even know you are installing them! *dims the lights* Its VIDEO TIME!, you didn't think i was going to bore you with my talking the whole time did you? Watch the Spyware Video hope you learned allot from the video! Now toward the middle of it they say "some software that easily got rid of it" Well there are may of them out there but, the one i think works the best! Windows Defender If you want some other antispyware titles take a look here. Part 5:Registry Cleaners/System Optimization Software Many people just brush these things aside and don't take them seriously! Well its time to! By my standards THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. They should be used on a regular basis! And a scan should be run EVERY WEEK! They keep your system running fast! Almost Like new! Free Registry Cleaner Titles Include CCleaner Reg Seeker more registry cleaner titles may be found here(Not guaranteed to be free) System Optimization Software Titles Include Advanced Windows Care WINXp Manager Ask around for some more system optimization software. Improve your log off time! Make your log off fast! download the UPH Cleaner Regestry tweeks(advanced) Your can tweek your windows regestry to make it run faster, i dont recommended if your a n00b! Tweakes webiete Improve your Internet connection speed! Google web accelerator Is a excellent tool for boosting your Internet connections speed! Part 6: GET RID OF THOSE!, temp files! Whenever you go on the Internet or even open windows explorer, your PC makes a note that you did that. Now think...every time you click a link, go to a new page, or do anything that another note, eventually, they begin to add up and, take up space! so lets get rid of them! Make Windows Dump Your History After a day start>control panel>Internet options where it says "specify how many days Internet explorer should save the list of the websites you you have visited" set it to 0 or 1 or 2 (use 1 or 2 only if you count on your history alot to find sites you visited). Now if you need to get a site it will still be there for the day but after 23:59 hrs your History will erase itself. But thats only half the Battle! Theres allot more notes that you didn't get rid of! But its CCleaner to the rescue! It scans your system for temp files and cleans out all the Junk! you should run this every week. Theres only one problem, sometimes ccleaner doesn't catch it all and needs a little help to completely clean out your temp folder! so in CCleaner go to the options section and click custom and add "C:\windows\temp". Now its all squeaky clean! Get rid of all Norton software... I find Norton anti-virus to be an absolutely useless product. This utility will remove all Norton products from your computer. It can be downloaded here Part 7:Time To organize all that! Now that you cleaned out all that junk you don't need, sort what you want and put it away, so its easier to find later! That what disk de-fragmenting is! Taking all your files and stuffing them in one closet so you can find them faster, well thats how you can think of it anyway. Not only will it help your computer retrieve your files faster, it will prolong the life of your hard-disk! You can de-fragment your drive by going, start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk de-fragmenter. And click de-fragment! There are many more programs which will de-fragment your drive, you can see them here Part 8:Schedule it! Windows can easily set up all these scans to happen on their own! When you say so! To set this up go>Start<control panel>Scheduled Tasks>Double Click "add a new task" and the wizard will walk you threw it! Part 9: The More The Merrier The more RAM Your have! the faster your system will run and the more you can do! If you have less than 128mb, get more! Part 10: Ask a geek (thats where WinCert comes in) Don't be afraid if you need some help! Thats what were here for! So ask away! But be sure to keep irresponsible people off the computer and only give put a remote assistance invite to people you know/trust, even then, be careful or Thats right! OR! you can avoid ALL of that in this one OR, its simple! the secret is.. just use Faronics Deepfreeze The only thing with this is, you must partision your docs and settings folder in a different partision and keep this partision thawed when it askes what you want to freeze. You MUST do this if you ever want to save anything again That was a quick 3 hours! if i forgot anything let me know!
  20. hey everyone, i like to work with gfx (graphics) allot so if you ever need anything gfx wise, PM me I'll be writing some tutorials soon, everyone go pick up a copy of photoshop
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