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  1. Ive got 140-6,7,9,10,12, if that is what you mean
  2. Ah, ok, Im not using these ones anyway But I think remove libraries worked for me when I was trying it. Do you know some other tweaks that doesnt work ?
  3. Im curious what tricks dont work ?
  4. Yes Im talking about IE9 lang pack. If I dont add the lang pack to the list, if works. I made 2 screenshots so it should be clear from them Skip - http://imageshack.us.../skiptpuxs.jpg/ Works - http://imageshack.us/f/254/works.jpg/
  5. I made a new preset and added the updates again, all are in the list and basicly in the same folder, but it just skips them. If I dont add IE9 and language pack to the list, all updates integrate fine. But anyway here is the preset: Win.ini
  6. Hi, when I try to integrate SoLoR updates, it skips them completely. First it successfuly integrates IE9 and Language pack (both green bar) and then it skips all updates and goes right to component removal, registry tweaks, services, and saves image. If I try to integrate them without IE9 and its language pack, it is fine.
  7. I believe these are not duplicate tweaks at all
  8. Hi, when I want to integrate IE9 language pack, it turns red after integration and then its not showed as integrated after toolkit finishes all tasks. Is that ok, will it work ? Im trying to do my new Win 7 Image, but as you releasing new versions every 5 minutes, Im doing it for 5th time now.
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