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  1. I never had any problems til now - getting UPX error as well. I tried to create silent/dual installer on my live system several times and a few times in VMware on freshly installed win7 pro. Same error every time.
  2. Lego mentioned this before: even if he isn't logged in, he's still monitoring the forum.
  3. Already made it as a silent, tested and it's working......Thanks.
  4. Ricardo .....I was trying to repack this as a silent installer but links to SFX makers doesn't work, it says "Sorry, but the requested page was not found"
  5. Use tools provided in 1st post: Visual AIO SFX Maker v6 (installer repacker): Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative v4:
  6. So, this time I moved those to silent installers in this particular order: KB2533552 KB3035583 KB3020369 KB3046269 After installation was done I ran WU and nothings showed up except KB2990214 and KB3021917 - which I did not added. Ran deepscan tool a few times, reboots, WU and again: nothing!..... I guess "my problem" with *SP1 KB976932* is solved (finally) lol
  7. I ran another test without KB2533552 and KB976932 showed up right away in WU (I didn't touch deep scan tool)
  8. No, it's not weird https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3057448 "The update is not applicable to your computer" error when you install Windows updates Cause number 1: Update is superseded KB3020369 fully and directly supersede KB2533552 thus, if KB3020369 is installed, KB2533552 cann't be installed using the .msu file the workaround (that even WU use) is to use the inside .cab file to integrate the update online by dism tool: dism /online /add-package:Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64.cab Thanks...It would make sense. I checked the catalog and indeed (KB2533552) has been replaced by KB3020369 I'll run another test later today without KB2533552 integrated.
  9. I just uninstalled KB3022345, reboot and run WU and nothing shows up, except KB2990214 and KB3021917 (they weren't added anyway) btw. I do have KB3068708 integrated. If that helps though.
  10. That's exactly how I use it - in SetupComplete.cmd and never had a problems with on x86 or x64 Just use "tools" provided by Ricktendo in his first post to repack *.exe ..... Visual AIO SFX Maker v6 (installer repacker) and Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative v4
  11. Ok, I did test it last night using Wintoolkit installer, I've noticed that 3 hotfixes were automatically "moved" to silent folder - KB2533552, KB3035583 and KB3046269 After windows installed in VMware, I check "Installed updates" and I couldn't find KB2533552 .....I tried to install this update manually and it says "The update is not applicable to your computer" , weird? I'll re download using new list and run a test again, maybe I missed something. btw. I didn't add KB2990214 and KB3021917 .....WU is showing them, which is ok and this freaking KB976932, which is not! EDIT: Everything good now! in WU only those show up: Important - KB2990214, KB3021917, KB3035583 Optional - KB3050265, KB3068708 Only KB2533552 was moved to "silent installers" .... Anyway, my problem is solved .....at least for now - Thanks guys EDIT2: Well......after I ran the deepscan tool, restarted the system, ran WU again...and guess what showed up?! yep - KB976932 (9.1MB)
  12. Even if you install it after the win-installation has finished? Which is the size of requested SP1 in WU? Thiersee It's 9.1MB, same size as before. I'll run some tests with a new list, once I get back home tomorrow, from the trip.
  13. I still getting KB976932 as well, even with KB2533552 installed via setupcomplete.cmd /win7 x64 pro
  14. I have hidden all the updates related to future Windows 10... Deep Cleaning uninstalls KB3023607 but WU asks then for KB3021952 KB976932: see post #560 Ah I see, thanks!.....more tests to come, lol
  15. I did exactly the same thing as you did, but in my case, after update by WU KB3013531, KB3020370, KB976932 and KB3048761 (optional) shows up. After running deepscan those were uninstalled: KB2957503, KB3023607 and KB3045999 Then I ran updates again and of course we got back KB3021953 (5.2MB) duh! Now I am going to add KB3013531, KB3020370 and I'll remove KB2957503, KB3045999 I'm using Win7 SP1 Pro x64 EDIT: Actually, first...I'm going to add KB3013531, KB3020370 & KB3048761 only and run a test.
  16. I checked again and WTk puts them in correct order. Everything integrates fine, installs, ran WU and nothing shows up. Problem starts after deep scan, as we all know though, lol
  17. @Thiersee You are the biggest stubborn S.O.B I've ever seen! and you remind me of this sign joke Seriously......you're doing great job - we thank you!
  18. Download link works just fine for me. Btw. v5.21 final is out.
  19. Could you please update a checksum? seems to be an old one.
  20. Here are my results in VMware - win7 pro sp1 x64 eng KB3004361 KB3004375 KB3013455 supersedes KB3002885 KB3023562 KB3029944 supersedes KB3013126 KB3031432 supersedes KB3023266 KB3004394 KB3020338 KB3021917 KB3021952 supersedes KB3008923 KB3034196 KB3023607 Removed from my pack and/or after deepclean scan (I can't remember which was which) KB3006226, KB3013126 After that, WU doesn't offer me anything, which is good, lol
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