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  1. This may come in useful to someone. Like my last tutorial "Thumping Speaker" i done this tut to help out a friend. I know there are many like this, but one more sure can't hurt. Anyway, enjoy
  2. Ok guys this was a tutorial that i done awhile ago. I was doing some car sigs at the time and i thought this would be good. Anyway here is my very own tutorial on how to get a speaking to apear to thumb to music. Enjoy Click To Enlarge
  3. Sure, i can do that. I am having so much fun with this tutorial, its bloody great lol lol. I made a sig for my Playstation forum
  4. When I placed my order and got my pre order invoice the total amount was $599. That was one of the reasons I backed out and got the Motorola Q, I lost my pre order of $15 but that
  5. Well it seems that we have been granted a second chance with downgrading our Sony PSP
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am really sorry about the sig, I will change it immediately. But thanks again for the warm welcome :thumbsup_anim:
  7. wow, i really like this tut, great work mate. Here is what i got
  8. wow i did not even know that they were working on Firefox 3. Just goes to show you how i have been living under a rock lol lol lol. This is great news i cant wait now :thumbsup_anim:
  9. wow, that is some nice looking skin for msn. I cant wait till there is 8.1 version.
  10. Thank you so much for you help. I am still looking around the forum so I do apologize that I missed that. But thanks again for your help, I can finish my new avatar now :thumbsup_anim:
  11. I don't have that much music compared to some of you. Currently I have 880MB of music on my laptop, here is a pic of my albums on my computer Click To Enlarge
  12. Hi Guys Does anyone know if a tutorial exists of how to make the vista picture border, like the one below? Or if anyone has a PNG file that would be even better. Thanks guys Thanks guys :thumb_yello:
  13. Thanks for the comments. Sure I can share them, now I don
  14. Wow, this is great. Love the glass look. Good work mate
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