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  1. notepad ++ 5.0.2 is out but this version 5.0 is only english ????????????
  2. how to registred via file .reg ???????
  3. hmmm,not working http://rapidshare.com/files/122910858/2008...211025.jpg.html
  4. would it be possible to create alone addon Image Preview v4 ??????i search everywerhe and nothing ?????
  5. version 0.34 :crying_anim02: still not working,download firefox setup and delete setup and...downloading etc.
  6. still nothing..... 1.start addon maker--ok 2.download firefox setup pl---ok 3.and.........nothing ,window wget,ftp..bla,bla,bla.... :help:
  7. Inside the brackets is{ TOOLKIT} and wget not downloading firefox still in version 0.32
  8. this time in version 0.3 downloading only flash player no firefox !!!!,after creating addon,addon=4.30 MB(only flash player and personal settings)
  9. working perfect thank you , but downloading only english version firefox ?
  10. i use xp pro sp3 polish version and after creating addon,nothing on the desktop
  11. ok,sorry ,another question,only megaupload ??????
  12. real alternative is in k lite mega codec
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