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  1. I don't know that's why I asked. Maybe other users with more knowledge would like to comment on them what worth or not to be integrated and how. And the others from the separate folders too. All I know is that for some of the Additions are addons already made (Silverlight, NET.Framework).
  2. I would like to see more explain about the separate folders from SoLoR, also the "Additions" from SoLoR. What they are (where isn't obvious) and how to integrate then.
  3. I think the SAD2 solution would be the best solution and easy to implement with setupcomplete.cmd All you have to do is to copy the DPs into the image and setup the script to run at first logon. A window with the progress would be handy here. ~ 800 MB of drivers will fit along with the setup files on a DVD5 eventualy, filtering out Chipset and MassStorage that will be integrated into the image I want this feature implemented if possible.
  4. On the Error Messages window you could move the "More/Less Info" button to the bottom and add the "expand" and "colapse" sign to it according, looking more professional. Hope you get what I mean. Done.
  5. Sorry, I don't use it. Maybe others who use it may help you.
  6. This is not an addon, it's a feature of W7T located under Tools tab. :doh:
  7. One session of integration with AIO (updates + addons + SFX + etc) may last longer than a SP1 disc download on some computers. I always do the integration from scratch so why not download SP1?. You just need to download it once. But who am I to talk about this? Those who use RTM should speek up!
  8. Ok with me as long as the tabs buttons don't move like I described. Thank you.
  9. So you mean that the sort bar will be visible on all tabs but inactive where it's not needed?
  10. I think that the sort buttons bar position would be better on the right side instead of left. Since some tabs have it and some not, switching between tabs it apear to move the tab buttons to the right making its room than when its not the tab buttons come back to original position. If you move that bar on the right side there will be no such repositioning, making the tab buttons stay always on the same spot. Also you can make the sort bar to fit its hight to the tab content hight not overlaping the title bar and tab buttons bar space. I hope you understand what I talk about.
  11. Nice work mate. Two of my requests implemented. Now I need to find time to test this. Thank you.
  12. Yeah, it helps a lot. I'd rather wipe them out automaticaly but it's ok to put them in Old folder, I can empty that filder manualy anytime. Maybe you have a point to just move them to Old folder. It's fine with me. Thank you.
  13. Currently (14.01.2012) there are 289 updares for Windows 7 x64 SP1 shown by the program at SoLoR updates to download but my folder contains a lot more and so the others... This was accumulated over time by downloading the new released updates when neded so there are a lot of them that are already supperseded by others but still in the folder. Now as I understand that for an updated installation disc you only need to integrate the current list of SoLoR than you don't want to integrate 400+ updates instead of currently 289 updates according to the list. Can you make the program to remove the old updates according to SoLoR's update list? I'm thinking that it can be done and I know it implies a lot of work to be done so you can pass it to the next version. Now I will explain a little how I visualize this: You already have a folder structure for the downloads. You can also enhance the folder structure and download the additional updates available at SoLoR /Windows.7/Additions/ and put them in a subfolder. When this is done you can make the program to scan the subfolder and offer what's there, the user having an option to integrate or not from what is there. Also the download of the Additions would be optional in order to not take unnecesary space if someone don't want them. In this way the program scans the folders as it does now to determin what's needed according to the list and removing from the download folder the obsolete ones and download only the missing ones. I don't know if all the Additions are integratable as is but since it's a short list you can filter/block them out and maybe provide some hint how to deal with its integration.
  14. How about adding the drivers in added order? I mean when you add chipset folder the program automaticaly make a tab, than another folder make another tab and so on... Finaly when the program integrates the drivers start with the first tab, when finish move to second tab... I don't know if this is possible but I thought to drop a suggestion.
  15. Is there a way implemented in W7T to prevent this in Event Viewer? "The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because the shadow copy storage could not grow due to a user imposed limit." How big the space its needed for a tipical shadow copy in Windows 7? How about limiting it to a number of copies or an amount of GB needed for lets say 3 copies? Any one know this tweek? Could it be implemented if it's not already?
  16. No hurry, take your time. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  17. Hi Legolas2o. As I see you're focusing on requests now, i'll make one too, hoping you will consider it. It would be nice to make the program cycle through pages according on what stage it process. So, when it runs Addons integration switch to Addons page, when it runs Drivers switch to Drivers and so on. To challange you more (if you do that) it would be nice too to mark (with a colour) the file processed on the currently proccesed page. This comes even nicer if you add a numbering column in front of the Name column. Alternatively you could make it like on SoLoR updates download page in Progress column.
  18. Yes it's a debug message and it was already mentioned here http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9056-windows-7-toolkit-v130-beta/page__view__findpost__p__79798
  19. I know nothing about coding and how difficult could be but a selection (mark) with right click like in (norton) Total Commander would be nice.
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