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  1. How To Integrate SP3 Into MS Office 2007 Here is a quick guide on how to Integrate or Slipstream MS Office SP3 2007 into the installation CD/DVD. Right now 'Create A New Folder' to anywhere of your choice, I named mine 'Office 2007'; Now I created my new folder on my G:\ Drive Ok to be able to Integrate or Slipstream MS Office SP3 2007 into the installation CD/DVD first thing you will need to do is Download the "office2007sp3-kb2526086-fullfile-en-us.exe" file. Click on the link here to Download MS Office 2007 SP3 - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=27838 (Now Download this
  2. Yes that isn't a problem you can use which ever ones you wish ;-)
  3. Yes they are all mine 100% created by myself, all in all I have over 60 tutorials most of them are on my computer help forum ;-)
  4. (You must only use this feature if you are 100% sure you will not need the old system restore points, because once they have been deleted... they are gone for good!) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ System Restore automatically creates restore points by making shadow copies of Windows, these copies can take up memory and build up quickly as you use your computer. By cleaning up System Restore points by Deleting all but the last restore point will free up memory and maybe slightly improve windows performance. ___
  5. This Is Just A Quick Guide On How to change Advanced Appearance Settings Below I Have Shown A Couple Of Examples; I tried to make this guide as simple as i could Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize; Click on Window Colour; Click on Advanced Appearance settings; Select the Item that you want to Modify; (Not all of these items will have the option to change the font/size/colour) Example 1 How To Change the Font > Size > Bold > Italic > for Icon's; 1. Click on the drop down menu under Item then select Icon 2. Now use the drop down munu under Size
  6. Download Driver Sweeper Here The current supported drivers are NVIDIA (Display and Chipset), ATI (Display), Creative (Sound) Realtek (Sound), Ageia (PhysX) and Microsoft (Mouse). To Read More & Download Go Here.....
  7. A safe way to remove viruses from a computer without the risk of getting infected All the rescue CDs listed here can scan and clean both FAT and NTFS drives. Kaspersky Rescue Disk See Here For More Info And Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk AVG Rescue CD See Here For More Info And Download AVG Rescue CD Improved Avira AntiVir Rescue System See Here For More Info And Download Avira AntiVir Rescue System Bootable Antivirus Rescue CD from BitDefender See Here For More Info And Download Bootable Antivirus Rescue CD from BitDefender Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer See Here For More In
  8. Here is just a Basic Guide on how to a perform System File Scan within Windows 7/Vista; (For Windows XP Users you will need to insert the Installation CD to use this function) Go to Start > All Program > Accessories > Right Click Command Prompt and Run As Administrator; Type In sfc /scannow and hit enter then let it complete the scan. (Remember to put a space after sfc ) Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Once the scan is complete type Exit and then Reboot your Computer The System File Checker will look for any system files/.dll file's that are corrupt and will attempt to f
  9. Yep thats a good one too, maybe i should of added the GOM Player in the list as i have used it and found it to be very good
  10. Here is a simple guide on how to perform CHKDSK in Windows 7/Vista _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Chkdsk analyzes the physical structure of a disk to make sure that it is healthy and It can repair problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters, and directory errors. These types of problems can be caused in many different ways ie. System crashes or freezes, power glitches, incorrectly turning off a computer can also cause corruption in the system files etc.. Physically bumping or knocking a computer can cause the head that reads di
  11. Not at all, You help yourself Vivified Pirate, I have alot more guides and info, but its taking a bit of time to compile them Thanks
  12. Here are just a few Free Good common programs/softwares in the one place; Security Software; Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured your PC is protected by the latest technology. It's easy to tell if your PC is secure when you're green, you're good. It's that simple. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly
  13. Selected Graphics Driver Here If you are looking for your latest Graphics Driver's for your machine just click the relavant link below; NVIDIA DRIVER'S "Beta Website" NVIDIA DRIVER'S ATI DRIVER'S INTEL DRIVER'S MATROX DRIVER'S Always make sure you keep your system's driver's upto date! for more info on your computer driver's visit the Computer's Manufacturer Websites. Hope You Found This Useful
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