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  1. It's not a bug, those updates are moved by default to silent area for precausion-like reasons.
  2. Your driver is good, is the latest one. Try when integrating it via Win Toolkit to have that option in AIO checked (for usb drivers to also integrate into boot.wim). And make sure you don't have another version of the Intel usb 3.0 driver integrated alongside it (only
  3. Yes Lego, please solve this one soon In a week from now I'll have again that hardware (on 15th of february), so it's again becoming urgent / please solve it by then this one is linked
  4. See attached. Two categories: 1. Very important from Additional (this sub-folders I think MUST be also pre-checked, alongside the important main updates / hotfixes) GroupPolicy and WindowsMediaCenter subfolders - these were included by default in McRip's default repository, the first one has hotfixes for group policy (windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate), while Windows media center hotfixes components can be found in Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate. IE11 cabs, IE11 updates, IE11 prerequisites and also WUClient - only in .cab and .msu form!!! no exe by default!!! Platform and Platform Updates WAT and WinHelp sub-folders (winhelp was also by default in McRip's main folder, while WAT / Windows Activation Tehnologies is required by Windows Update) 2. Important / Optional from Additional SNMP and MSMQ sub-folders
  5. 2878068 and 2896820 won't get downloded. This is because those files have duplicates. 2896820 is in IE10 prerequisites (which I don't download), but also in IE11 prerequisites (which doesn't even show in the program's interface). 2878068 is in Hotfixes, but also in IE10 prerquisites. IE10 prerequisites form extra somehow is viewed by Win Toolkit as a preferable location, and this hotfix isn't kept in Hotfixes main folder. So you need to make some kind of rules, when a duplicate is found. To make some folders to have higher privileges somehow and keep those duplicate msus, while deleting them from not-so-important sub-folders.
  6. Another big bug in latest test 5 - why ''IE 11 Prerequisites'' very important sub-folder from Additional in WHD lists isn't shown / downloadable??? Or maybe all of those msus are duplicates / found elsewhere? Please fix this one asap, I'll also have some small requests after that.
  7. It's very buggy. Tried the windows 7 updates for x86 branch... 1. KB2733955-v2 gets weirdly unpacked in the download folder. See attached. All the extra files and the ''expanded'' subfloders are resulted from KB2733955-v2; 2. some files miss their extension, although they're downloaded with the same MD5 (they're intact) as they should. These are (both msus and cabs): KB2465285, KB2584475, KB2780124, KB2846340-v2 and KB2841134.cab (IE11). I think this happens 99% because these files have duplicates - the msus the same file in another subfolder, but I don't know why it's also happening to the IE11 cab. I ran the tool again, and the updates named above appeared again. Ran the tool again, and the same thing happened: it downloaded those files without their extension. I'll take another look tommorow
  8. I think Lego solved this, see here. So probably request solved, right?
  9. It's ~ solved, in the sense that if I move the VBC++ AIO installer to the top, and it installs during first logon BEFORE Runonce's interface shows, then everything it's ok. Since you cannot reproduce it, then maybe it also has something to do with my build, so until smth else will happen, you can close the thread
  10. Just a question: why are you trying to integrate the english pack into a romanian image, and not the romanian pack into an english ''regular'' version? Maybe it's a DISM error... In romanian: Salut! E vreun avantaj in ce vrei tu sa faci, respectiv sa integrazi language pack-ul de engleza in iso-ul ''roman'', in loc sa faci invers? Mai degraba ce patesti tu e o eroare de la Microsoft (sau din DISM), eu oricum nu folosesc niciodata language pack, nici pentru cunoscuti / clienti, deci nu stiu exact cum e mai bine, incerc doar sa inteleg de ce faci asta.
  11. Yeah, just tested, if kel's installer is first, and then ricktendo's VBC++, then no error appears. But another thought - why the above discussed bug happens only for a x86 build, and not also for a x64 build? Again, with older builds it was the other way around, no bugs with x86, but 4 bugs with x64 (again, only for 2005 and 2008). Very weird issues and I still think has something to do with an architecture related glitch somewhere in RunOnce's code.
  12. No problem. As I've said, I'll have that hardware again in ~ 3 weeks, so I'll test it then Please also look here and here, for driver related issues and request
  13. The request is simple - if Win Toolkit's AIO integrates from a folder let's say (in my case) 350 drivers, and if Win Toolkit's Driver Installer Tool also detects and installs 350 drivers, then in my opinion the RunOnce Driver Installer should also list 350 drivers, and not 225 (like in my case). It's pretty misleading now, some may think not all the drivers were scanned through, although I understand (from here) that it's only a minor interface / listing glitch.
  14. Another ''bug'' regardin Intel drivers misdetection. Latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe) (download from here) are from the infs windows 8 or up only, although they're also made for windows 7. Please Lego, make Win Toolkit detect 6.2 and 5.2 (as they're mentioned in the infs) also compatible with windows 7 (5.1 / 6.1)
  15. No longer an urgency. Talked my frind into coming next month again, so going to test this then. But in the meantime I hope this will be implemented
  16. Great, looking forward for this and thank you. In the meantime I'll make the usual x86 build without drivers...
  17. Sorry Lego for naming this way the topic, but really, it's urgent because only tommorow I'll have the hardware available that will allow me to test this works. I have a friend with an Ivy-Bridge-Intel-based notebook, so the latest integratable Intel drivers aren't good / new enough for him. It's my fault it's urgent because I forgot to ask you this earlier... I even forgot about a thread I opened at station-drivers Long story short, newer Intel chipset drivers aren't recognised by Win Toolkit because of how they're named inside the infs. You can download them from here or here. Until now, this is how a ''normal inf data'' helped Win Toolkit integrate them: So NT5.1 for x86, But now... So INTEL now stands also for x86, and Win Toolkit wrongfully ''thinks'' that driver is for x64 only. Or maybe it's a bigger picture here, and it's the same thing that DISM ''thinks''? Please Lego make them integratable via WinToolkit, and this means AIO, the Driver Installer Tool and also the RunOnce tool (that scans for a ''drivers'' named folder in the install media). I know it's much to ask, I know it's not your fault (Intel engineers seem to drink too much on the job these days), but please make a beta build asap. So I'll be able tommorow to also test the stuff that made me play with the infs and that made me start that thread at station-drivers.
  18. Then maybe the NSIS error is somehow also related to this. Can't something be done to fully supress the ''need'' for restarting of any app, so interactions with your Win Toolkit's interface / errors like those above won't appear again? In my case I think I'l always put in the integration queue kel's installer first, and then ricktendo's AIO, so hopefully no error would appear.
  19. You were right!!! I tried a build with ricktendo's installer first in the silent installer list. Making this installer the first one in the silent installer queue makes the errors go away (I think everything is also ok afterwards, as VC2005 and 2008 appear installed in control panel after the install process is complete). So the errors appear only during the presence of Win Toolkit's Runonce interface. So please find out why. Also now I get another errors, many, not caused by Win Toolkit, but because some files from kel's installer are older than the ones in ricktendo's. Maybe a fix for these (see attached - posted only one, I had many similar pop-up) won't hurt, smth like a rule, when an older file tries to overwrite a newer file to always keep the newer one
  20. +1, but keep that updates added as silent installers by default, for novices / people that don't know what it's all about
  21. I don't think that my opinion is the only one, quite contrary, if it were up to me I wouldn't insist on maiking those updates non integratable, because I already made a folder for them and always add them as silent installer. My request is for people that don't know those updates can generate issues. And great you agree fith my proposal / restatement of your request. I'll put in the request subforum for you, smth like this... is a deliberate insult to people with their experience in installing and configurating machines. wela But what if I said like others on a thread - ''I don't believe / I'm not interested this issue is happening to you or other people. To me it's not happening, so change it back bla bla". Then this wouldn't be an insult for the one that posted the issue in the first place? Don't try to be a flamer with me, I'm really not interested in internet egos.
  22. I've never ran RunOnce manually, all installers are installed automatically. And I don't understand the part about restarting the VM - if I restart the VM of course the problems won't appear, but also RunOnce won't start again utomaticaly all your other requests below, in the spoiler. To get the reg entries, I ran windows install again from the latest iso (x86 win 7 HP), in VM. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\ComponentDetect\x86_policy.8.0.microsoft.vc80.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.0.0_none_801f9b67bc08bc01 Doesn't exist!!! or other ~ ''x86_policy'' named reg entries in the subfolder!!! HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS\WINNER DOESN'T EXIST ALSO!!! for the others, see attached. I also verified when the second error appeared, and I saved those reg entries again, but they're probably the same - in attachement, 1.reg is the same as 11.reg, 2 the same as 22.... 5 the same as 55 Also, Windown Module Installer is set to Automatic and is running Right now the installer, as you can see from the presets I've uploaded earlier, is always ~ at the end of the queue of installers. I'll make another build with it at the very beginning and report back, but I really think I'm wasting my time. logs+reg_entries.7z
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