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  1. Always boot from usb. I've just sent you a PM . Please read it.
  2. so.. i have to re-add the installers from a different location , right ?
  3. thx Lego. I'm gonna do the test tomorrow. P.S : The path to wintoolkit_apps is : E:\Driverpacks.net x64\X17-59465\WinToolkit_Apps
  4. i use a usb for the install....and the drive folder is located in E:\
  5. I'm sick and tired of this ... Wintoolkit run once doesn't RUN ... what the f*ck am i doing wrong ? I integrated the drivers...i integrated the installers with their respective switches ... NOTHING was removed from component removal , no updates were integrated, used blacks viper safe services, checked some tweaks ... can u please explain to me why the RunOnce doesn't starts running ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AND FOR SOME REASONS , THE USB DRIVE DOESN'T GET DETECTED !!! After the desktop appears and it displays the icon , when i enter on the Computer icon to see the drive, the USB drive doesn't sho
  6. Can u please make visible version ? Thanks Liam!
  7. ------------------- Did i live test with version , and it didn't worked. RunOnce didn't started. And i don't know why , but, after i access Computer , the usb didn't shows up as a drive. I have to pull the usb out , and plug in again to get it recognized. Otherwise, like i said, it doesn't show up . Am i the only one having this problem ? Forgot to state something : On a virtual machine it runs smoothly and gets the job done..RunOnce start , installs everything....but live test...that's another story I think i found the problem....Integrate USB Drivers...That was unchecke
  8. so...the problem is solved in the latest build or not ?
  9. @KEiGHT, nice for you to found that....still, waiting for Lego to release a new version.
  10. i will look into that.
  11. at the services tab i checked the tweaked button...and that's all. i didn't removed a thing.
  12. yesterday. i tried with different versions of win toolkit even with the latest i've tried and nothing
  13. no, i didn't. the usb was at all times present in the slot.
  14. the same as above ...did this on a fresh copy of windows.
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