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  1. mm, I get your point, and I don't get you wrong. Thanks for telling me that actually! I will try looking deeper into it, it depends on if I have used any functions from 3.5, that doesn't exist in 2.0. EDIT Done, from now on, version 1.2 and higher of EM will be running using .NET v2.0. Any suggestions for what I could add to this app are very welcome.
  2. wow thanks for the pin mate! how come is 3.5 a drawback Kels?
  3. First comment @WinCert, haha, thanks! I'm already nearly done with v1.2, with online updater. If u see this N1K, could you move this away from the BETA section? It's stable now
  4. aaa! I see now! Thanks for that info man! And yeah, probably
  5. ahh, well I have to admit that I don't knew about that, and I'm not sure whether the limit still is 5.9 or not. On the other hand, why would M$ design the 9.9 and etc.. "images" when 5.9 is the limit?
  6. What did change? I kind of misunderstood you there.
  7. Maybe 5.9 is.. But that's not what Vista devs had planned in the beginning. The images from "6.0.. 6.1.. up to 9.8.. 9.9.." are actually made. *The picture is not photoshopped or modified in any way. Only the index has been modified trough a file.
  8. Oh okay, cool! Well, it's a very nice offer N1K, it really is, I just don't use Backup Software.. (and I won't even after what happened to me) But I think other members would see is as a better opportunity than me.
  9. Very nice! I suppose my thread kind of reminded you of many users loosing data? or?
  10. Aaa, I see... I don't think I can trade the 1TB drive to another one though, something about warranty (I can get a new 1TB drive, but I can't get another one). Else I would have bought another one, I got a trekstor which has never failed me. (until yesterday when it failed and I needed to reformat it lol).
  11. You mean go for a new power supply right? Well about the data, I got really many photos from the old times and etc.. My 2nd harddisk did a failure and I had to reformat it (another 500GB of data lost..)
  12. Mm, It has an external power supply (not USB supplied, but normal power), could that die? The power supply looks rather cheap anyways.. lol
  13. Hello fellow wincert'ers! I've just bought a new nice Seagate FreeAgent Pro USB Drive @ 1TB... I copied all my files on it (400GB+) yesterday, when I got home today it won't start up.. It just makes weak "beeeps" and won't even spin.. I hope you have some tips, or other information that might help me Cheers! MrT
  14. Wow! That tool is just awesome! Thanks a lot man! :lol:
  15. Thanks Same 'problem' here.. "Where is UAC?" "Here, grab this tool "
  16. everybody has own config and own needs. i wrote this tool ages ago. it was my first c# program, I just saw this thread yesterday and decided to update it. Personally I hate UAC, to disable it is the first thing I do when I install vista, that's why I made this tool. I've been using the internet for years and I can see what kind of sites that will give me virus = no uac for me.
  17. .. Sounds interesting... I can probably do that... I mean add an option that changes the policies
  18. lol, just saw this topic again... So updated it. I don't know if you meant switches like in - command line arguments.. but I've added that. Updated Turn ON UAC: UACTool.exe /ON Turn OFF UAC: UACTool.exe /OFF
  19. Which language is this coded in? EDIT: How come it shouldn't work under Vista?
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