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  1. I've just scanned it with NOD32 AV. 0 infections found. Well, I'm on Vista, so I pressed GO TO Services, now there is around 10 Services highlighted. OK; I did TASKLIST /SVC... The SVCHOST.EXE which eats my resources has PID 336, so I looked at the tasklist I got from cmd. I got: SCVHOST.EXE 336 AudioEndpointbuilder, cscService, EMDmgmt, hidserv, Netman, PcaSvc, Sysmain, TabletInputDevice, tRKWKS,UXSMS, WDIsystemhost, wlansvc, WPDBusEnum, wudfsvc.
  2. WORKED on UBUNTU 8.04! Thanks guys! Any info on the other problem I'm facing?
  3. :welcome: :welcome: ! Welcome Welcome to Wincert!
  4. Hey! What's up with the "ABOUT ME" page? Something new N1K?
  5. @Cluberti, going to download and burn Ubuntu in a minute, Btw: The encrypted Thumb files are 0-byte files. @N1K 'Error: The object could not be deleted' - unlocker Lol, and now another problem... In Vista x64, my SVCHOST.EXE (services) has begun to eat all my memory... It haven't done that before, it began to do it yesterday... after I installed PAINT.NET (Does it configure the framework under install?)
  6. Hi guys! One day I was sorting my 500gb external usb harddisk, I had reached my GFX section, and began to move pic's around. At some point, it said 'unable to delete, file not found blabla'. So I tried CHKDSK... Still nothing, I tried command promt... Still nothing... No matter what I try, it fails to delete the file (XP/VISTA/UBUNTU afair). It's insane if I need to reformat, so I was thinking that maybe you guys had a solution. I have this now: E:\Graphix\Strange **** E:\Graphix\Strange ****\January 2008 E:\Graphix\Strange ****\January 2008\Thumbs.db:encryptable E:\Graphix\Strange ****\XCF E:\Graphix\Strange ****\XCF\Thumbs.db:encryptable ANY help is highly appreciated!
  7. Of course, that's how it's supposed to be. But whoa, first MINEFIELD (the pre-beta release of FF3), then all these betas and then RCs! I hope it's going to be big...
  8. Wow, that's a LONG path for a webbrowser!
  9. WOW! 900! That's sick! I'm only at 64 with 3 tabs opened (Vista x64)
  10. Try doing this: Right-click 'My Computer'. Properties. Advanced tab. In the performance box, press 'settings'. Tick the box 'Adjust for best appearance'. Apply. OK. Should work now.
  11. No, I wasn't serious, It's just weird...
  12. Well, I've taken my laptop (the small 14" one) apart, 2-3 times because of dust. I do it hardly each 3-4 months..
  13. :owned: :prop: :worthy: ROFL ROFL!! :D
  14. Here! And you can always change the icons if you don't like. (it's just a folder with a .exe file, and some .ico files.
  15. Is it still warez, if downloading from M$? Screenshot
  16. I gotta reformat first, ... I have a lot of unneeded stuff and over 1.200 ERRORS in REGISTRY
  17. Alright, BullGuard have released a "Gamers Edition" of their BullGuard internet security program. The BETA is only available to download if you have signed up for the BETA. The gamers edition include a feature called "GAMING" which has profiles which you can modify/edit for your needs when launching a specific game. (Example, when I play Counter-Strike, I want to turn off my firewall and AV, I can let BullGuard do it automatically each time I launch Counter-Strike). Home page here
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