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  1. Hi Diezil Never thought of seeing YOU here Welcome to WinCert man!
  2. Version 2 BETA 2 is out But I bet you only care about final releases ?
  3. Many thanks for providing links to so many languages
  4. Owwwww, Your dog is SO cute N1K! I wish I had one like that! LUZR's dog are very cute too And nice bird cygnus! But I don't have any pet to post, well I have fishes, but thats another deal
  5. Upper right corner, "MEMBER LINKS", and then MY CONTROLS
  6. Pretty useless I think, but very cool!
  7. Isn't "THREEVIEW" missing ? I think so, it could be nlite that have removed it .
  8. How did you find them? Our members have made a total of [b]19[/b] posts We have [b]16[/b] registered members Its so small!
  9. Well, they get corrupted because they are getting overwritten by new files. The newer files will be stored at the old file's adress, which equals overwritting. So you must be very lucky to rescue a file that has been 1+ week (or even a DAY) old, because it's getting overwritten. Just to sort stuff out Oh, and I forgot to mention: Hey Luzr4life, great to see that you are making add-ons too! Great!
  10. Yeah, many thanks! I've been looking for it for weeks
  11. OMG, lamers! :o Good they took it off, its an amazing skin wolf! It would be terrible if they used it without permissions
  12. Works great, but the bookmarks I save using the "star" method (the one next to GO button), don't show up under the "bookmarks" menu ?
  13. Re-installed Windows, with some new drivers, works fine !
  14. Hey Cro-Man, is this "based" on their latest "Minefield" browser ?
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