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  1. yes, you understood correctly.. these are my system specs: MoBO: GIGABYTE P43T-ES3G (REV. 1.3) BIOS F7 (F8 gives me problems with overclock) SSD: Samsung 840 Basic 250GB HDD: WDD 250GB Bios setting: AHCI I don't see how to fix this problem.. help me
  2. Ok, I created an USB stick in NTFS and rebooted my PC, but when i try to boot from usb (USB-HDD or ZIP) i get the error "a disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart". I tried many programs to format my USB stick but no luck.. i then tried to put my USB stick in my notebook and it booted just fine, without problems.. I assume it is a BIOS related problem, right? My specs: MoBO: GIGABYTE P43T-ES3G (REV. 1.3) BIOS F7 (F8 gives me problems with overclock) SSD: Samsung 840 Basic 250GB HDD: WDD 250GB Bios setting: AHCI
  3. Hi everyone, I'm starting this topic because I have a strange problem.. I created my personal Windows 8 ISO, with all the updates and office 2013 integrated, used wintoolkit and winreducer to remove the things I don't need and rebuilt my iso.. If i install my ISO in virtualbox as it is, everything is fine, but since I have to put it in a fat32 USB stick and my install.wim is 6.5GB, i have to split it.. i use the command: Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:C:\install.wim /SWMFile:C:\install.swm /FileSize:4096 But when I try to install the new ISO, it gives me an error (Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation).. am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  4. thanks mate! so can i put black background and green text now? you rock!
  5. change cmd text color and disable pagefile tweaks still don't work in 93rc...
  6. this is nice... i hope to see all the fixes we suggested in the 1.4... that would be grat! keep up the good work mate!
  7. another bug: "disable pagefile" tweak does not apply... please have a look into these bugs... thanks!
  8. hi legolash, i think there is a problem with the "tweaks" section... when i try to change the color of CMD, it doesn't apply.. i tried with 4 different images but nothing happened... i select "green text and black background" but it remains white and black... i am using the latest version, in one of the previous versions (i think 80) it worked..
  9. hi guys, i tried the 81b, i sysprepped my image first, than used imagex as usual and created a install.wim, then removed some stuff and did some tweaking but it seems that none of my tweaks did apply... i tried this before, with other versions of w7t and never had this problem... i will try today with the newest version...
  10. is it better to sysprep windows 7 first (updates, programs and so on, i prefer to do it this way) and then apply tweaks and slim the image with windows 7 toolkit, or should i run this first and then sysprep?
  11. Thanks for the new version, I'll try this tomorrow... I'd like to see the "open with notepad" tweak implemented, but I haven't received a feedback in the Tweaks thread...
  12. the "force windows media player to 64bit" tweak doesn't seem to work.. if i click on the shortcut it says x86 and not x64... btw, have a look in the tweaks suggestions, i added a way to show "open with notepad" in context-menu... cheers!
  13. thanks, will try this when i come home... i'll let you know!
  14. one Administrator working, but it keeps asking me the computer name... if we solve this problem the unattended is perfect!
  15. ok, ill stick to the autounattend.xml in post #12 and add the computer name... maybe after install i'll change the name of the account Administrator and remove the Admin account..
  16. oh ok... and what about the unattended in post #12? i see 2 accounts, Administrator (which works great without disabluing uac) and another one "Admin"... is there a way to delete the Admin and keep only the Administrator in the unattended? thanks for your patience
  17. so with this last unattended i will be able to do things like the built in Administrator or will i have to disable UAC anyway? can i change the name "Carlese" for my friends or it will ruin the unattended? as usual, copying the text gives me errors, can you attach the file? thanks!
  18. ok, so i cannot change the name of Administrator in the autounattend.xml otherwise i'll lose the Admnistrator privileges.. I tried to install an image with the Administrator account and it works (it doesn't ask me to confirm my actions), but with your autounattend.xml in post #12 it creates 2 account, Administrator and Admin... how can I create only one? I can't find the option to specify the pc name "isi" in the autounattend.xml..
  19. working like a charm now! i'm trying to make some adjustments, will let you know... edit: tried some adjustments, but i have a problem: i renamed the user to Carlese, and now i don't seem to have the Administrator privileges (for example it asks me to confirm my actions), how can i fix this? with the user you created it worked, with Carlese user it doesn't.. i also renamed the company name removing the - (from Frutto-Di-Mare to Frutto Di Mare), i hope it's not a problem.. another thig, could you add to my autounattend.xml the line to set the computer name? i don't know where to put it.. thanks for your kindness! Autounattend.xml
  20. tried and it doesn't work.. i copied and pasted the text, renamed the txt to autounattend.xml, but when i try the image on a virtual machine, it gives me an error in line 4, column 200 or something... i try to open the file with xml editor but it doesn't open... with other unattended files you made no problems, just with mine..
  21. thanks a lot, will try it this night... you say that a key is required, but using the defaul windows homepremium key will my system say "30 days for activation" so i could put my own key in it after setup?
  22. maybe i'm asking in the wrong place, but you seem to be more prepared than me.. sorry for my O.T... i don't need a AIO xml, just one for my homepremium x64... I try to explain my needs: starting from the autounattend.xml i attached in the post above, i need to: 1) auto select the "Windows 7 Sp1 64bit HomePremium" image without entering the key (it's a universal image for me and my friends, everyone has a different key) 2) setup the installation and the sistem in italian 3) set the Administrator autologon without password (no user creation after installing windows, just the Administrator) everything else i don't need it (screen resolution, computer name etc.. just the xml i attached plus these three things).. thanks a lot for your help!
  23. Hi guys, can you help me with my autounattend.xml? I'm trying to make a custom install of my windows 7 so1 homepremium x64, but it keeps asking me which version to install and the language.. i found these things: <ImageSelection> <InstallImage> <Filename>install.wim</Filename> <ImageGroup>Windows 7</ImageGroup> <ImageName>Windows 7 Enterprise</ImageName> </InstallImage> and <SetupUILanguage> <UILanguage>en-US</UILanguage> </SetupUILanguage> <InputLocale>en-US</InputLocale> <SystemLocale>en-US</SystemLocale> <UILanguage>en-US</UILanguage> <UserLocale>en-US</UserLocale> but i can't put them in the right place, so the image keeps giving me errors.. can you fix my autounattend please? what i need is: Administrator autologon without password Install language and system language: Italian Windows 7 version: homepremium sp1 x64 Thanks a lot guys! Autounattend.xml
  24. yes I saw it.. what i mean is, will my account have the Super administrator rights? (no confirmation for actions and so on) if so, i assume it's the same thing i did before using the dos command "net user Administrator /active:yes", right? and will i be able to modify the name in the control panel after installation? i want to make a universal image for me and my friends but with superadmin built in.. thanks!
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