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  1. Hello Legolash2o, First of all let me say thank you for all the hard work on this tool. l hope my request here intreset every one. 1.) My intreset is with the "ISO Maker" l think you should in cloud Direct Burn, Burn Image, Create Image and Erase RW. 2.) "About" page of the tool to previous FIXED and NEW should be like when update is available page. 3.) (NEW) Driver backup tool, recommended "Drivers BackUp Solution" Link: http://www.msfn.org/...n-v-3410-final/ It is good to be able to backup current insatlled drivers in (inf) to ues later with win toolkit. THANKS. :dancing:
  2. It could be very nice of you to add tv shortcut to desktop Okey windows media center helps but not like the original tv shortcut itself. windows media center required things like, PlayReadyPC , Country Code, download some files from internet, on top of all this it has limit for some country's. this will be soo good to have on the desktop after installation.
  3. MY Apology for my mistake. I didn't know about x32bit not handin' x64bit this is my first time on x64bit and it worked when i use RT7 LITE. SORRY ONCE MORE!
  4. Please You Could Also Give, System Requirements, Runing OS And More!!! I dident use this program yet but i think it will be more better than other programs like (RT 7 LITE) if you keep working on it. I tried to integrate updates into WINDOWS 7 X64 And WINDOWS 7 X86, I GOT MUST BE RUNING X64 OS which you did not talk about. Am runing WINDOWS 7 X86, So does this mean it work only in runing x64bit os? Please forgive me about this post if you did talk or gave runing os requirements i wasted enough DVD's Already using (RT 7 LITE) to integrate drivers. it did alright but too much (Not digitally signed) error's when installing windows. i hope win 7 toolkit does't give error about unsigned drivers?!!!. A question, how does it work on vista or xp? (to intergrate updates into vista/xp dvd or to just use win 7 toolkit to integrate updates etc into windows 7 dvd) I dont no why the hell program like (rt 7 lite) was mode even starting the program takes more than 1 hrs :angry: You did well :cheff: by creating a program like this, but you can do better by giving step by step how to use your program. some update's can't be integrated into dvd. update's like >Windows6.1-KB943790-x64 could be nice to make a program that can make it integratable. what do you think? Please any link where i can download MW Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830), ActiveX control ,LegitCheckControl and integrate to my dvd? i have the windows-kb890830 but i don't no how to make it addon. ANY HELP LINK GIVEN WELL BE rewarded bijon imagine THANKS FOR (WIN 7 TOOLKIT) :dancing:
  5. Thanks for this tool, Please can you GIVE MORE info about how the CAB Retriever WORKS!!! How to start is because is not visible to clik on. I just want to use it to retriever the already installed updates befor i downloaded (windows 7 toolkit) thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot, please my request Adobe Flash Player Plugin Adobe Shockwave Player Adobe Flash Player ActiveX K-Lite Codec Pack 7.2.0 Full Plus klcp_update_728_20110706 Update And Finaly (IE8) Plus All Updates. K-Lite Codec Pack 7.2.0 Full Or Newer No Player Only Codes Windows Media Player As, Please...
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