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  1. Here`s what OCZ Guys Advised: if it's possible, please try following steps: - Boot with Parted-Magic and Secure-Erase the Drive - Shutdown Computer - Reboot with Parted-Magic and create a new NTFS Partition with the internal Partition Editor - Shutdown and unplug all other Harddrives - Retry the Windows 8 installation without reformating the Drive Believe me or not IT FINALLY WORKED ;D Though I got another problem When I try install x64 version of either 8 CP or RTM i get blue screen at the very beginning of instalation process WEIRD ;/ Looks like WIn8 will face the fate of Vista. I`ll wait for WIN9
  2. Hey Guys. None of this is working. Today I`ll try do switch some hardware, but thx anyway for help ;D.
  3. I got OCZ Vertex 3. When I install Win 8 on unformatted SSD i get an error ; error code 0x80070057 with the message "Windows could not format a partition on disk 0." I just hope OCZ will be flooded soon with fix requests. I went through OCZ forum today, and what I can tell they had some issues with other SSDs & Installing Win7. Tomorrow i`ll check some ideas from OCZ forum to solve this.
  4. Formatting partition on some of the SSD`s is a bit quite too much for Windows 8. Can it be fixed somehow. The only possible way to install it right now is through Windows 7 as an upgrade.
  5. I would recommend Legolash2o to take a week off and get drunk with friends after exams. Simply to cool down the CPU core ;P ;D
  6. How about one of these Windows Component Tuner Windows Elements Bypass Windows NitrOxide2 Tool Windows NO2 Toolkit with emphasis on the last one ;D
  7. Hi Legolash2o Hi Guys. Can You make the Windows 7 Setup Screen in higher resolution? The MS team already improved this a bit since XP. But it still looks ****y. Somebody a while ago made an nLite Addon for Win XP.
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