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  1. goto into the BIOS and look for something to do with hardware monitoring. find fan1 or something along the lines of that and disable the monitoring on it.
  2. ripken204

    CAD Cast

    wow thats some neat stuff
  3. it hamachi and its a great program http://www.hamachi.cc/download/
  4. so do you guys want to get a ut2004 game going sometime?
  5. http://ripken204.coastaloceanbreeze.com/fi...ps/august-3.png http://ripken204.coastaloceanbreeze.com/fi...ps/august-2.png edit: i switched to xlabel which allowed me to display my upload and download speeds http://ripken204.coastaloceanbreeze.com/fi...ps/august-4.png
  6. well sp3 is really just a collection of all the hotfixes. but i havnt heard any news on sp3 in a very long time. im sure that it will be out sometime next year but not when vista is released. ryanvm is great for now.
  7. the only things about this game that pisses me off is that i'll have to buy a new video card if i want to run it on full settings otherwise im good. but dx10 should be out by then and those cards are suppose to be insane.
  8. ya those price drops are really nice, especially for my friend who wants to get a new comp soon, now he can get dual core for dirt cheap. i really want to play with one of those conroe processors tho...
  9. well im just really excited with intel right now. they used to dominate the cpu world, then amd did for a few years, now intel is back again and kicking amd's ass. but i still think that in 2-3 years amd will be at the top again once they get 65nm and ddr2 all figured out.
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