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  1. Right now i'm using Christallidea Uninstall Tool but it's Shareware. Yes, you're right N1K Revo Uninstaller is one of the best it also have a free version.
  2. I've have this program for a while. The issue here there's hardly 360 wallpaper available and you'll need to create one. Thumbs down.
  3. I would agree that it has a very high detection rate much better than most popular competitors, apart from very many fp's, on my machine it has a very high peak memory consumption (the highest i've seen among the multi-engine antimalware) though during idle it's uses a minumum memory resouce (shouldn't be higher than 70MB). 2GB of memory is the minumum requirement for most computers. With the new improved 6.0 it's has a very low disk I/O and CPU cycles which matter the most, there was almost no impact on system resources with very fast updates and both malware protection and prevention. The program has a much reduced impact on boot times. I have not seen any slow down during my web browsing on a dial up connection which is excellent, likewise most popular competitors have noticeable effect when comes to webpage usability. According to Emsisoft it has improves the speed of its scanning engine (with a new multithreaded scanning engine) up to 450% on average which i've noticed the difference but not likely the speed which it is advertised. I wouldn't blame Emsisoft, it's scanners is fast enough to my liking as unlike other competitors that compensate speed for a lesser security. EAM does scans your system more throughly by looking at the files counts. A reputation-based system allows the program to avoid scanning trustworthy files until they change. Elsewhere, the program now accesses your drives directly, enabling it to bypass file-based rootkits with ease. It didn't find any false postives in my system unlike on the previous version (5.1) i've tested which isn't good enough. There are a host of usability improvements all around the package this includes the groups of settings, like the file extensions you'd like Anti-Malware to scan, now come with a "Reset Defaults" option so you can restore the initial settings. EAM allow you to choose between performance or protection, you have 3 choices (scan before executed, scan additionally when created + modified, and scan additionally when read). EAM alternatively possess (Surf Protection) an HOST rules component containing Black Listed domains similar to Hostman and some safe domains are agressively block by default. This can be adjustable through the configuration, otherwise Hostman with MVPS host lists will be a good replacement. Experience user can make full use of the Hijack Free module. It is a process/services/autoruns/ports monitor that allow an user to check what happening in his system and terminate or delete illegitimate processes and files. Hijack Free module can also be found in its Emsisoft Emergency Kit (malware removal kit) which are available for free. MSE is pretty basic antimalware, don't assume it will wholely protect it's user. How many times does it automatically update its definitions? Hourly, daily? I won't rely on a free antimalware that do its update on weekly basis. The last time i've used, it has very very slow scans which keeps me away from using it. Emsisoft Anti-Malware won't have a problem protecting its user from this kind of trojan variant. Even if it failed to detect, it's in built Behaviour Based protection guard (Mamutu) can automatically block this trojan from making further damage to the system. Online Armor is a efficient Firewall with HIPS (Program Guard) component. I don't say this out of flattery and it's one the best. I'm not sure about Online Armor anti-excutable capability aside from its keylogger preventives. Alternatively BlueRidge AppGuard is the best anti-executable in my opinion that will stop any malicious intent at its core. Upon installation of OA a wizard will be launched and will check all your system for unrecognized files. OA's "Learning mode" feature of this software will put an ease to user decisions with their applications as whitelisted ones will not generate a pop-up. From my personal experience security programs which has a HIPS and Behavior Blocker is best for advance user, while less experience user may have difficulty to judge the "pop-up prompts" they decide to make which can allow these malware access to their computer without realizing it. To sum it up all, Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6.0 is a software that offers excellent protection combined with an acceptable low system resources usage with both great malware prevention and detection. By having Emsisoft Online Armor and AntiMalware together it will keep a clean computer clear of active malware, at the same time protects the system both online and offline, which cloud based dependent antimalware lacks. I would like to thanks N1K and Emsisoft for the oppurtinuty in having the free full 1 year license. :thumbsup_anim:
  4. LMAO! This will make a good prank.. Good one.. thanks.
  5. Never to late.. Congrats on your newborn. Welcome to this world little one!
  6. Puran Defrag. Try others but keep returning back in using PD. Thanks
  7. Hi, i'm currently using EAM on trial, it would be wonderful to own a license for my personal usage. Thanks
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