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Found 3 results

  1. We have a special giveaway on WinCert.net. This time Dr.Web company gave Wincert.net 5 licenses of their comprehensive protection suite Dr.Web Security Space worth 28 Euros. Our lucky winners will get a FREE one year license for the latest version of Dr.Web Security Space Pro that includes updates and product support. Here's what you are getting with Dr.Web Security Space: Comprehensive anti-virus solution for PC Real time protection Best at curing active infections Installs in an infected system without its preliminary curing Fast multi-thread scanning Unique technologies blocking even unknown threats Full scan of archives at all nesting levels Best detection and neutralization of complex viruses Filters spam and other types of unsolicited messages without training the anti-spam Reliable on-the-fly scan of inbound and outbound http-traffic Efficient protection of children against exposure to objectionable content Protects against unauthorized access by a network; prevents data leaks; blocks suspicious connections on package and application layers New! Remote administration from other computers in the local network without installing the Dr.Web Control Center. For more information please visit THIS page. Giveaway NOTE (please read!) To enter this giveaway please LIKE WinCert.net on FACEBOOK or add a plus on GOOGLE+ pages, add us to your circles and post your full name below. If you have already Liked us on Facebook or Google+ pages, then just post your name below and you will automatically enter the giveaway. Giveaway will end on September, 7th 2012 when we will announce lucky winners. Please remember to follow the rules of this giveaway or your request won't be valid.
  2. Dear visitors of WinCert.net. We are giving away 5 LIFETIME licenses for Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (worth 59,95$ per license ). Note! With Lifetime License, you will be able to use the same license key for all future upgrades to the Outpost Firewall Pro software without limitation. Outpost Firewall Pro provides a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration. Outpost ensures your online security with solid protection against all Internet-borne threats. What’s Inside: Anti-Spyware module to combat spyware and adware Improved! Two-way firewall for secure network connections Improved! Proactive Protection module to block unknown and zero-day threats New! SmartDecision technology for fast decision-making in security issues Improved! Web control with fast web content filtering to protect your PC from web-borne threats Improved! System and Application Guard to keep installed software and OS protected Self-protection technology to maintain continuity of protection Program activity tracker to review file and registry activity in real time Entertainment mode (for games and video) and Auto-Learn 2.0 (for beginners) For more information please visit: Download link : http://www.agnitum.c...st/download.php Giveaway NOTE (please read!) To enter this giveaway please LIKE us on FACEBOOK or add a plus on GOOGLE+ pages and post your full name below or send it to: giveaway[at]wincert.net with the subject Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro Giveaway. If you have already Liked us on Facebook or Google+ pages, then just post your full name below or send it to: giveaway[at]wincert.net with the subject Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro Giveaway. 5 lucky winners will get a Lifetime License for Outpost Firewall Pro!
  3. Hello again folks! Good guys from Emsisoft company gave us 10 licenses of their awesome product ONLINE ARMOR PREMIUM v5.1 FIREWALL! http://www.emsisoft....en/software/oa/ Emsisoft Online Armor is one of the best firewalls that is very efficient by using HIPS (Program Guard) component. Online armor has standard and expert modes. Standard mode is easy to handle for any user, while expert mode is mostly for power users. It also has banking mode which automatically prepares your machine for the secure online banking. Online Firewall also has Keylogger protection. Keyloggers are a sort of malware waiting for key strokes invisibly in the background. Those keystrokes then are usually sent to a hacker - for example when entering a Paypal login, or the PIN of an online banking website. Online Armor works reliably here and reports all suspicious programs recording keyboard sequences. Online Armor also offers DNS-Spoofing protection which is one silent method of sending users to faked Online banking pages, also called DNS-poisoning. Your own Internet Service Provider offers a DNS-Server, that will convert a text address entered in a browser to a numerical IP address. Clever cyber-criminals may redirect such requests to their computers where their own DNS-server is installed, which then leads the user to a phishing website. Online Armor Personal Firewall prevents that by rechecking all DNS requests with our own secure server. There will be an immediate alert, if the DNS-server used emits a different IP. Another feature in the list is Autostart control. Online Armor lists all autostarters and allocates them a security status (secure, not secure, unknown). The user may then decide on his/her own whether these programs are allowed to start in the future or not. Online Armor again offers a whitelist containing many secure programs the user can safely trust. Please note that this giveaway will be slightly different than our previous giveaways. To enter this giveaway we will need your small contribution to WinCert.net by giving us Like on the Facebookpage or by adding WinCert.net to your circles on the Google+ page. Members who already added us Like on Facebook or have added WinCert.net to their circles can also apply for this giveaway by posting below their Facebook/Google+ names. Once you do that, make post in this topic, write us your name and request the license. On January 20th we will send yearly licenses to our lucky members using Facebook and Google+ accounts.
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