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  1. no, I gotcha man... s'all good... my r33tn3zz isn't worthy of your addon skrillz!!! haha... I wish there were more "addon builder" addons... these things are the ish!
  2. well like I said... I haven't even attempted looking at the scripts... I was just making a wild somewhat "educated" guess... hehe...
  3. nlite ignores the entries.ini section which tells RVMI to patch uxtheme.dll... to patch uxtheme.dll in nLite you must choose the "allow unsigned themes" in the "options" dialog... good luck!
  4. .45 the previous version didn't have the "edit registry file" option I don't think... I don't remember it anyways... but for sure I am using .45 and got these "errors" although they aren't really errors because it builds an addon just fine... just not the one I requested it to build... the strange party is... it is downloading BOTH vanilla firefox install and ayakawa pre... i would think if it was going to build ayakawa addon it would only download THAT file... am I wrong? maybe the issue is that when you have a "default" choice selected... somehow that "variable" doesn't get cleared even though the user chooses something other than "default" choice (ie: ayakawa) it still thinks it should build a "default" package due to variable not being cleared properly when user choice is made??? I have no idea... I'm just taking a wild stab!
  5. well it worked for me, but it did the same thing... it ignored my choices... my choices were 3.0 (vanilla) and inf addon. I got: ayakawa 3.0.2 pre and switchless silent addon (not installer). but I didn't notice it spitting any errors in any of the windows... oh and also chose not to edit reg file and it still opened the file and waited for me to close it and click continue...
  6. you sir... are a certifiable BAD-ASS! Many thanks for the absolute best addon ever created!!!
  7. I also noticed for a brief moment something about an invalid variable having to do with w.bat... but it seemed to complete its tasks without actually stopping or complaining about it further... just happened to notice that when running it a second time to see if maybe I had missed something...
  8. O.K. upgraded to .442 last night and did a build, but when I choose vanilla firefox it is downloading the ayakawa 3.0.2 pre build at the same time... so I am not sure if it is building a vanilla or an ayakawa build... when it is finished the output addon filename says "Firefox_{ayakawa}_3.0.2pre_addon.7z" so it makes me think it is an ayakawa build... but I don't know, and I'm not sure how to check without actually doing a VMware test with the addon... and I really don't feel like doing that just to find out that I may have to rebuild or somehow trackdown the .43 version of this addon that worked for me. (could you maybe send it to me? or someone?) thanks for what is the absolute best addon ever made!!! this is truly a work of addon "art" you have here!!!
  9. seems to have worked flawlessly.... this is an incredible addon... probably will end up being my favorite ever... heh...
  10. this has become such a better addon now that you separated the notepad from it... I have one suggestion for the notepad++ addon, both versions. I find it very useful as I keep original notepad.exe, so I like being able to right click any file and have a context menu item which says "edit with notepad++" (it also has the notepad++ icon to the left of the text). If you would like this functionality add this to the [addreg] section: HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Notepad++",,,"%16422%\%note%" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\notepad++",,0x0,"%CLSID%" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\%CLSID%",,0x10 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\%CLSID%\InprocServer32",,0x0,"%16422%\%note%\nppcm.dll" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\%CLSID%\InprocServer32","ThreadingModel",0x0,"Apartment" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\%CLSID%",,0x0,"Notepad++" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor",,0x10 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name",,0x0,"%16422%\%note%\nppIExplorerShell.exe" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\notepad++.exe",,0x0,"%16422%\%note%\notepad++.exe" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Notepad++",,0x0,"%16422%\%note%" HKCR,"*\OpenWithList\notepad++.exe",,,"" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\*\OpenWithList\notepad++.exe",,,"" and this: to the [strings] section: CLSID = "{120B94B5-2E6A-4F13-94D0-414BCB64FA0F}" That MAY be more than is necessary but that is everything which was different from what is already in your note.inf, that was "notepad++" related, which had been changed after I did an actual install of notepad++ and immediately compared regShots. you will also need to include the nppIExplorerShell.exe file, but those are the only changes which need to be made for this to work... I have edited yours to include these things by default, if you want to keep yours how it is then maybe it would be O.K. if I posted mine for those who would be interested in this option if they so feel not inclined to do it themselves manually. Your call as this is your addon! EDITED the REG entries as I forgot to remove a character that wasn't needed and would cause shell extension to not work correctly.
  11. I noticed there are a few entries in the inf that mention notepad2... I'm assuming it is safe to delete them, or edit them to reference notepad++???
  12. is the problem with notpad2 not saving options fixed? with 12.2 when I changed any options for notepad2 they would only be selected during that session and wouldn't persist... it seems to be an issue with notepad2.ini not being saved in the proper place so as to have a place to "write" the options to.
  13. I second this! 3.0b5 = far far superior and haven't had any serious bugs pop out at me yet... .14 has given me memory issues as well... try 3.0b5 you won't go back!
  14. look at the top of the forum in the "stickies" this thread is old/outdated... 12.2 (w/notepad2 2.0.18*codes*) and uberpack w/notepad++ are both in the "stickies" and have been updated, the only one slightly out of date is the notepad++ one which is at 4.8.5 for notepad++ EDIT: Mods, this thread should be locked and maybe kel can just edit his first post to have a link to the new thread, so as not to confuse anyone else.
  15. SPIDER PIG!!! HAHA edit: I mean harry plopper... lolz
  16. very nice... added to my build! w00t! tanxarot! :thumbsup_anim:
  17. I know it's not as hard as it time consuming... guess I should have said "one of these days I'll actually take the time to sit down and build my own addon from scratch..."
  18. I appreciate the offer, but I took it upon myself to figure out the whole reg2inf deal... and actually added the files and reg entries and everything to your pack so it installs right along with the main inf... I was able to edit the gadget installer via winINSTALL LE so that it installs to my specified directory, same with the alky.msi only since it went in svcpack I made a 7zsfx for it. Again thanks for the offer, but I feel a little more dangerous now... haha... maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to do a full blown addon... instead of just modifying the work of everyone else.
  19. ok... well tried getting the microsoft RecentDocuments.Gadget (mrugadget.msi) to install using every switch I know of for installing to specified directory... but it appears as though it doesn't allow that... as it always installs to %programs%\Windows Sidebar\.. so can I just copy the RecentDocuments.Gadget folder to my perferred install folder? I don't think this would be very clean, probably need some reg entries... also tried editing mrugadget.msi with winINSTALL LE and pointed the files to the folder I wanted them to goto... but MS has something keeping me from editing it... everytime I save the package it fails after doing the directory edits... wish I knew more about winINSTALL... I'd probably have this thing wooped by now... heh
  20. hey rick some really nice addons :thumbsup: I was wondering though... I am anal retentive about my directory structure, can I safely modify the structure in the .inf or will that affect things... IE: svcpack\Alky_XP.exe svcpack\Gadgets.exe If so would it be very difficult for me to modify these two (I'm assuming) silent installers, to install to my directory structure? EDIT: it seems that all gadgets.exe does is make a couple of directories under %programfiles%\Windows Sidebar is that correct?
  21. how to use the /DIRECTORY switch properly for installing uTorrent.exe? EDIT: nevermind... just noticed what you posted a couple of posts up. Sorry... guess I'll just have to replace the .exe with whatever the latest one is.
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