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  1. Link fixed (even if OnePiece didn't tell me about this change :confused02: )
  2. He has new modified billboards to match the XP you install, in this instance Windows XP Red. I remind you billboards (and other writings in the project) are written in Italian. -> Marshall123 Non
  3. Onepiece, a guy from Albania who doesn't speak a word of english (and his italian is not so good, too) has created this IE8 addon...in english!!! and went in our italian forum asking us to help him sharing his work with WinCert's forum community (because he can't do it himself) It works with Nlite 1.4.x and RVM Integrator 1.6 or later on a Windows XP SP 2 or SP 3 sources. *note: Integrator will doesn't warn anymore about files exceeding 8.3 format: don't worry because integration works fine anyway Here it is: OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 FINAL True AddOn ENU Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Update (8 April 2014) Hash MD5 2E1CF7B45ED81F3E992D77D706BDAA67 Filesize: 11.1 MB (11724273 bytes) This is an universal UpdatePack/Addon Creator: [Tool] Universal UpdatePack/Addon Creator If you prefer to create your own addon in every language you like, you can use this tool. You must place only IE installer and the needed hotfixes in your own language in a temp folder. Then run the Addon Creator, enter the path of your folder and wait a few seconds/minutes (depends on your system) for the completion popup. 7-zip the resulting files. Onepiece's addon allows you to decide if keeping or not IE Desktop Icon: http://img27.imagesh...sktopicone1.png http://img27.imagesh...sktopicone2.png Both solutions work with Nlite or RVM 1.6.1. IE8 addon is not needed if you integrate Onepiece's XP post-SP3 AIO Update Pack in your XP source because it's already included IE8 integration esthetic side effects: * setuperr.log will point out harmless error messages about some IE files like imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inseng.dll, mshtml.dll, msrating.dll, pngfilt.dll, occache.dll, webcheck.dll (caused by the patched Syssetup.dll used for integration and then restored with the original one). If you don't tolerate it you can integrate in addition Onepiece Repair IE8 cosmetic problems addon (Hash MD5 5C7AF8CA9F637C993F4AEEFFB63F39ED - Filesize: 1.28 Kb - updated 2008-03-27) which cleans the false errors. changelog: 1.0.0 - 090322: First RTM release - Rebuilded from scratch with IE final and KB968220-IE8 1.0.1 - 090325: fixed some small bugs and code improvements; added TrueAddon Maker 1.0.2 - 090408: fixed ActiveX Control bug 1.1.0 - 090412: added uninstallation 1.2.0 - 090509: added KB969497 (replaces KB968220), now desktop icon 1.2.1 - 090525: added KB971180 (replaces KB969497) 1.3.0 - 090610: added KB969897, 8.3 filenames full support 1.3.1 - 090625: added KB971930 (replaces KB971180) 1.3.2 - 090723: added KB972636 (replaces KB971930) 1.4.0 - 090729: added KB972260 (replaces KB969897) 1.4.1 - 090830: added KB973874 (replaces KB972636) 1.5.0 - 090916: added KB971961 1.6.0 - 091016: added KB974455 (replaces KB972260) 1.7.0 - 091215: added KB976325 (replaces KB974455), KB975364 (replaces KB973874) 1.8.0 - 100123: added KB978207-IE8 (supersedes KB976325-IE8) 1.9.0 - 100210: added KB978506-IE8 (supersedes KB975364-IE8) 1.9.1 - 100310: added KB976662-IE8 (supersedes KB971961-IE8) 2.0.0 - 100416: added KB980182-IE8 (supersedes KB978207), KB980302-IE8 (supersedes KB978506), KB981332-IE8 2.1.0 - 100611: added KB982381-IE8 (supersedes KB980182-IE8), KB982632-IE8 (supersedes KB980302-IE8) 2.2.0 - 100811: added KB982664-IE8 (supersedes KB982632) and KB2183461-IE8 (supersedes KB982381) 2.3.0 - 101109: added KB2360131-IE8 (supersedes KB2183461) and KB2362765-IE8 (supersedes KB982664) 2.5.0 - 110209: added KB2482017-IE8 (supersedes KB2416400) 2.6.0 - 110415: added KB2497640-IE8 (supersedes KB2482017-IE8) and KB2510531-IE8 (supersedes KB976662-IE8 & KB981332-IE8) 2.7.0 - 110616: added KB2530548-IE8 (supersedes KB2497640-IE8) and KB2544521-IE8 2.8.0 - 110812: added KB2559049-IE8 (supersedes KB2530548-IE8) 2.9.0 - 111012: added KB2586448-IE8 (supersedes KB2559049-IE8) 2.9.1 - 111201: added KB2598845-IE8 (supersedes KB2447568-IE8) 3.0.0 - 111214: added KB2618444-IE8 (supersedes KB2586448-IE8) 3.2.0 - 120216: added KB2647516-IE8 (supersedes KB2618444-IE8) 3.3.0 - 120411: added KB2675157-IE8 (supersedes KB2647516-IE8) 3.4.0 - 120710: added KB2699988-IE8 (supersedes KB2675157-IE8) 3.5.0 - 120815: added KB2722913-IE8 (supersedes KB2699988-IE8) 3.6.0 - 120921: added KB2744842IE8 (supersedes KB2722913-IE8) 3.7.0 - 121212: added KB2761465-IE8 (supersedes KB2744842-IE8) 3.8.0 - 130114: added KB2799329-IE8 3.9.0 - 130213: added KB2792100-IE8 (supersedes KB2761465-IE8 and KB2799329-IE8) and KB2797052 (supersedes KB2544521-IE8) 4.0.0 - 130313: added KB2809289-IE8 (supersedes KB2792100-IE8) 4.1.0 - 130410: added KB2817183-IE8 (supersedes KB2809289-IE8 & KB2797052-IE8) 4.2.0 - 130515: added KB2829530-IE8 (supersedes 2817183-IE8) and KB2847204-IE8 4.3.0 - 130611: added KB2838727-IE8 (supersedes 2829530-IE8 and KB2847204-IE8) 4.4.0 - 130710: added KB2846071-IE8 (supersedes KB2838727-IE8) 4.5.0 - 130814: added KB2862772-IE8 (supersedes KB2846071-IE8) 4.6.0 - 130911: added KB2870699-IE8 (supersedes KB2862772-IE8) 4.7.0 - 131009: added KB2879017-IE8 (supersedes KB2870699-IE8) 4.8.0 - 131113: added KB2888505-IE8 (supersedes KB2879017-IE8) 4.9.0 - 131211: added KB2898785-IE8 (supersedes KB2888505-IE8) 5.0.0 - 140212: added KB2909210-IE8 (supersedes KB2510531-IE8) & KB2909921-IE8 (supersedes KB2898785-IE8) 5.1.0 - 140312: added KB2925418-IE8 (supersedes KB2909921-IE8) FiNAL 140408: added KB2936068-IE8 (supersedes KB2925418-IE8)
  4. Updated! @geromichi You have this problem because if you put your reg entrie you aren't according the "folder option". This is what you can do: beginner) Don't change nothing, OnePiece (Thanks ricktendo64) put the option, isn't it enough? expert) Delete the folder option by deleting the section beginning with: ;Internet Exlorer on your desktop (Thanks ricktendo64) and puttin' your reg entrie. You'll lose the folder option advanced) Modify appropriately the section above I choose the first
  5. No, is isn't only the drive letter. For instance The italian folder for "Program files" is "Programmi" and for "My Documents" is "Documenti". It doesn't happen only for Italian XPs, but I know Spanish foldernames are different from english ones. It would be perfect if you could load the path directly from the registry; these are the two keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion, ProgramFilesDir HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders, Personal Edit: I see in b3 there are a lot of link in start menu, but also music, pictures, documents, games and recent files are different, so, if you can't use variable paths, it isn't possible to have a multilanguage taskbar.
  6. What Onepiece would say was that now we can uninstall IE7 using the option in windows components and also we can re-install it using the same option (Windows will ask for the cd with the preintegrated IE7). That's it and it is fantanstic
  7. Hi FlawLess02, you taskbar looks great but can you use variable paths like %programfiles%? Because sometimes I don't install XP on C: drive and the italian (and other non-english languages) default program files dir is different from "program files" so the shortcuts are useless
  8. nel week-end spero di poterci mettere mano...
  9. E un'altra quarantina per portarla alla nuova 2.2.4
  10. Non sapendo cosa hai integrato direi anch'io che non tutti i problemi vengono a priori dal VistaAIO. Sarei tentato dal dirti che forse
  11. OnePiece deleted old versions because he has already created new ie7 versions but now he is unable to upload it. Be patient
  12. Windows Search 4.0 (KB940157 ITA XP Sp3) Info: Windows Search 4.0
  13. I made it with an AutoIt script. Just edit the attached file insertin' your Vista Ultimate serial without spaces (replace the Xs) then you must compile it with autoit and put it in a folder together alky_1.1_trunk_032308-000051_xp.msi, sources folder, holdem folder (files yet patched and xinput...). The you can run the script or creating a SFX. ALKY_XPU.zip
  14. I've a way to silent install Alky Ultimate 1.1/hold'em... a silent installer!
  15. I wish the same, but i'm italian and i can translate the res in my language
  16. Updated! Changelog: fixed ProductID issue (thanks to Kal & Ricktendo); update KB938127 to v2
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