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  1. It's 2 degree celcious here, gotta love global warming.
  2. Merry X-Mas Lego but, this should be in General Discussion. I hope Santa brought you all some extreme cores.
  3. 2 more hours here but Merry X-Mas to all. I bet I get more coal than everyone else. LOL
  4. HMMM. A friend just gave me a 17" LCD AOC and I have had issues with it also. If I plug anything new into my surge protector the screen goes out and then I have to do a restart. I also loose power to the monitor when that happens.
  5. I really don't know much about it so when I have time I will research it. I also don't know to much about wireless setup other than the basic.
  6. OK, It was a easy setup. I haven't tested the wireless yet, since I do have a wireless computer setup. I have a computer that I will add XP to in a few days. I am running Asus firmware still and after I findout more abou DD-WRT I will switch to that. I have never messed with DD-WRT and a little afraid of killing my router so I will wait for that until after X-Mas.
  7. OK, I ended up going with the ASUS WL-520gC. I will let everyone know who it performs.
  8. I did see that one but I wasn't sure if Asus made good routers or not. I have never messed with DD-WRT before but I have been seeing alot of people doing it according the the reviews. So I may look into it.
  9. It is $54.95 on NewEgg right now and that is on sale. That was my 1st choice if I had the money.
  10. Thanks ccl0 I was leaning toward NetGear since I can't afford Lynksys.
  11. OK, I will stick with the Routers with external antenna's. I will be ordering Monday so if anyone has any suggestions on which one I should get, PLEASE let me know. It doesn't have to be any of the one's I have provided a link for.
  12. I am on a budget and don't know to much about wireless routers. I have only owned a TRENDnet which I had issues using MSN IM. What are the best brands to get? From what I have heard Lynksys, D-Link and then Netgear. I am trying to order from New egg tonight so hopefully I can get some advise. I have seen some open boxes and recertifed Routers that I was thinking about getting. Ex. NETGEAR WGR614 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Router NETGEAR WPN824NAR IEEE 802.11b/g RangeMax Wireless Router My Limit is 40.00 USD THANKS everyone
  13. I don't think that is t he issue Rick. He can still connect from the Windows 7 interface, I am thinking that maybe the WLAN card maybe bad or weak, but I am not sure.
  14. My friend has a HP Pavilion lappy and is having issues connecting to wireless networks. he nor I have a wireless router but we can find some wireless signals. I have been successful a couple times connecting to signals with 3 bars, but 2 bars there is no chance. I have uninstalled and deleted the drivers, then reinstalled the drivers and still a no go. He has another lappy that has no problem connecting. If I add a USB dongle it has no issue connecting. Any advise will be appreciated. THANKS
  15. LMAO, Cool. That settles it, it is a site issue. LOL
  16. OK, I can get signed in but for some reason (the last week or two)I have to click on the sign-in icon twice to get to the log-in screen. Is anyone else having this issue?
  17. Sorry I am late. HAPPY B-DAY KEL.
  18. I wish I could help out but I am not big on laptops.
  19. OK, I updated my BIOS and nothing, I did notice that under system info. it was only reading 2048, so checked each stick by themselves and I have a bad stick. :censored::ranting: So no time to contact Patriot and try and get a replacement.
  20. I just did a reformat a few days ago and before then I only saw a lost of 256 for my GPU, so there has to be another reason for this RAM lost. IMO
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