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  1. I have this running in my system with a 6850 right now. LOL. I am going to do a 2nd rig today or tom. for it, it is going to be used for BitCoining. I only paid 169 for it so I couldn't pass it up. I am going to try and get a XFX 5750 tom. for 69.
  2. LOL. This is the largest card I have ever owned.
  3. One of the best pools for mining is DeepBit right now. You will sign up to join the pool and then you will get a % of the coins found. You can do a solo but it takes awhile to find a block with coins, the payout will be high but it's better to run in a pool unless you have a few PCs running with 5870/6990's. There are different types of software to run on your PC for the mining. I like the GUI one and I had issue's getting the others to run.
  4. Welcome to WinCert. Do you have pics of your beast along with specs?
  5. I started BitCoining a few days ago since I could make money running my system. For those of you who don't know what BitCoining is clink on the link. Running my 6850 and 6950 I will generate around 1.85 coins a day, that's around 55 coins a month. The coins are virtual currency that can be sold/traded at anytime. The price of each coin goes up and down like stock. Right now it's at $7.32 a coin so I can earn around $400 a month if I sell. Most people have been holding on to them since the price should be getting higher do to the fact that it is now harder to generate the coins. The government is trying to find away to make this illegal since there is no way to trace the money and they can't get their cut. LOL ATI cards are the best for this, here is a CHART that give details on what each GPU speeds will be. I found this interesting and thought I would let you guys know about it since I just found out about it.
  6. I got my 6950 2G yesterday. I haven't lashed it yet and not sure if I will or not. Here are the pictures
  7. I don't know if they could ever be trusted but they desperately needed a new overhaul.
  8. OH damn, I didn't see this post yesterday and I have been away. I send my condolences.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully things get better.
  10. I like MSE also for a free AV. I used that all the time for computers repairs until I found out I could get NOD at a discount. LOL
  11. Yeah, things are starting to pick up. I really don't have the money for all of this but it's hard to pass up the savings and they don't usually do this. They normally only have 2-4 EPP's a year. How have you been Kel?
  12. Yeah, but it's hard to give up the ES cards. I don't think I will sell them. I need to start doing the Intel training, I heard they are going to do something soon and it will probably be a SandyBrige. How is everything Rick?
  13. I installed NOD32 v5 beta last night and I have to say I like it. I haven't had to much time to play around but I noticed that it has some nice features. If you add a flashdrive CD or DVD you will get a message asking rather or not you want to scan it. The user interface also has some nice changes also. DOWNLOAD
  14. How is everyone? Sorry I have been MIA. I just haven't been doing any moding etc since 7 came out and haven't had time to learn anything about modding 7. With work and everything else, I can barely keep up with hardware benches etc. Through out last month I have been upgrading my system and I am still in the process. So far this is what I have. COOLER MASTER HAF 922 CORSAIR 750TX GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1) AM3+ AMD 1090T - H50 w/2 KAZE-JYUNI (1900rpm) I have it OC'd at 4GHz right now but I haven't had to much time to play with it. CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 (i should hit around 2000 from what I read when I get to OC them) AMD HD 6850 (Engineering Sample) (a friend at work got one also and has his OC'd to 1000) 60G Agility 2, 3X2TB Seagate and a 1TB WD (black) (I have 3x2TB and 1X1TB for cloning these drives. Logitech Z523, G9x, G15 and SteelSeries Glass Pad PICS As ccl0 knows at MicroCenter we have to do training for a lot of manufactures to learn the product and new releases, as a AMD fan boy (LOL) I spend my time doing all the AMD training and looking out for their EPP's (Employee Purchase Program). Last month I got a 1090T (OEM) and a 6850 (ES) for 100. It was supposed to be 199 + 20000 points but my order got messed up and it took a few weeks so I got it for a 100. This month they are doing a clearance and have several offers. On the 2nd I got a 1090T for 119, I might get the 945 on the 11th for $79. I will be buying the 6950 2G for 169 on the 13th, the 6950 1G for $159 on the 18th and a 6850 on the 23rd for $99. If I have enough I will be getting the 5750 for $69 on the 27th. But that is if I am lucky, they have a limited supply so it's 1st come 1st serve.
  15. Ture but all Deneb cores have 6mb L3 cache and no where on AMD's site do they have a Propus core.
  16. I am lost on this CPU MicroCenter NewEgg AMD CPU-Z
  17. I have a 23in Acer. That will be my main and gaming monitor since it's better. The 24in. I will use for media, I will hook it up to a KVM switch and use that monitor when I am doing repairs etc. How is the monitor coming along Rick? How long did it take to get adjusted?
  18. Sorry, I just sold my spare to a friend for gas money to get to work last week.
  19. Tuesday, We had a bunch of RTV's come back so we had a lot of stuff to clearance. I ended up grabing a 24in. Chilin monitor from work for $34. I also bought a refurbished H50 this passed weekend from work. We have them for $54. They look new. I mounted my 2 3000rpm Ultra Kazes on it but haven't had much time to overclock. I spent a couple hours trying to get it at 4GHz but ran into problems.
  20. I heard about that, I would have gone crazy with no internet access.
  21. Intel finds Sandy Bridge chipset design flaw, shipments stopped and recalls. We had to pull all of our mobo's yesterday evening at MicroCenter. To think, I almost thought about getting it.I am glad I am staying true to AMD.
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