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  1. LMAO, great find and thanks for sharing.
  2. Yes, but that will give us geeks something to hack for money. LOL
  3. LMAO. Yeah. As soon as I get a car, that will be up'd to a 25inch.
  4. I have no ideal what you are saying. Also, in reshack it's not that hard depending on what your trying to do. Could you give more info.
  5. OK, I saw this posted on EOCs. Hold onto your hyperthreaded horses, because this is liable to whip up an angry mob -- Intel's asking customers to pay extra if they want the full power of their store-bought silicon. An eagle-eyed Engadget reader was surfing the Best Buy shelves when he noticed this $50 card -- and sure enough, Intel websites confirm -- that lets you download software to unlock extra threads and cache on the new Pentium G6951 processor. Hardware.info got their hands on an early sample of the chip and discovered it's actually a full 1MB of L3 cache that's enabled plus HyperThreading support, which translates to a modest but noticeable upgrade. This isn't exactly an unprecedented move, as chip companies routinely sell hardware-locked chips all the time in a process known as binning, but there they have a simpler excuse -- binned chips are typically sold with cores or cache locked because that part of their silicon turned out defective after printing. This new idea is more akin to video games that let you "download" extra weapons and features, when those features were on the disc all along. Still, it's an intriguing business model, and before you unleash your rage in comments, you should know that Intel's just testing it out on this low-end processor in a few select markets for now. SOURCE
  6. OK, I added a LG burner to my system and 2 Ultra Kaze's to my 212+. I am at 3.9 as a quad right now with plenty of temp left for 4GHz but I can't get it stable........yet
  7. That is pretty cool. I wonder if you need a license for that?
  8. I tried WinX DVD Ripper last night and I like it. .avi was around 1.4G and Audio/Video was great. I am not to sure about the converter though. I am a ConvertXtoDVD fan.
  9. Nice case but if your not over clocking or anything, I would do it like this. The 2 white boxes of mess are fans. LOL
  10. I tried to us it on VMWare but could not get the AMD patch to work. :thumbsdown_anim:
  11. I am playing Burnout Paradise City

  12. I am playing Burnout Paradise

  13. Optical illusion or bombing. LOL. Great find N1K
  14. I think it will also. I love ATI cards because it's the best bang for the buck, but the the name change will piss off a lot of people I think. That gives me a ideal. Poll time.
  15. The callous souls over at AMD have decided that our little consumer brains aren't sophisticated enough to handle two awesome brands, so they're just axing the use of the ATI moniker from here on out. ARTICAL
  16. I would go with the N61 because of the GPU.
  17. You can spend a lot of money on a CPU and will not see the improvement you get with a SSD, so yeah I recomend it. Just make sure it's a Gen 2 (SandForce controller).
  18. It comes out November 5th, so early November.
  19. So many already know but BFG is out of the GPU market now so no more lifetime warranty. For more info.
  20. It was well worth the money. CS5 opens in under 3 sec. and Nero in under 1. Here is a CDM bench.
  21. I got a SSD

    1. ccl0


      which one did you get?

  22. Alright. I was up til 3am installing OS etc then woke up at 6:30am to tweak bench mark etc. I can restart in 41 secs. and boot in 17. I don't think I let the TRIM do it's thing before benchmarking, but my scores are below.
  23. After 3 months of working and I decided to treat myself. I ended up getting a OCZ Agility 2 60GB. I am installing all of my software right now so it will be a few hours before I can start getting bench marks etc. But my WEI is at 7.7. I almost got a 1055T but I wanted more performance. There is a big difference with SSD's. Will post more later.
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