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  1. @Photek I believe I read somewhere in the forums that Win Toolkit was not developed with the sole intention of hacking the day lights of a Windows 7 source, but rather as a tool to integrate updates, applications, etc... Win Toolkit, in my opinion, Is one of the best Third Party Windows deployment tools I've used in some time. Perhaps if you took the time to understand how Win Toolkit works you just might grow to appreciate the fine piece of programming that it has evolved into. Just my two bits, take it or leave it.
  2. Thank you for your response crashfly. With respect to related services I will go with your first suggestion and disable the services via Win Toolkit. I'm not a big fan of removing components from a Win 7 source. Thanks for confirming Lego. Makes sense that the tweak removes the reference in Explorer. From what I can tell disabling the two HomeGroup services will also remove the reference from Explorer. You may want to include that in the Tweaks description in your future release of Win Toolkit. Best Regards.
  3. Does the 'Remove HomeGroup from Explorer' tweak simply remove the icon from explorer view or does it also disable the related services HomeGroup Listener and HomeGroup Provider services?
  4. Man, I realy like this fine piece of programing. Nice work Lego! Time to seriouly consider making a financial donation to this fine project. Perhaps even take on a more pro-active role in contributing some of knowledge in the fourull too. :graduated:
  5. Sorry for the cryptic acronym, by 'UFD' I mean to say USB Flash Drive. So for example, would the apps get installed if I were to have the apps folder on root of a USB flash driver and install Windows from DVD? Do you think it would also work from a network share that I have maped to a drive letter that is accessable during windows setup?
  6. Thanks for the insight. Spliting the HD in 2 partitions sounds good. Would'nt I have to change the %DVD% Variable aswell in the registry or does WinToolKitRunOnce look for some sort of string to indentify the location of the apps folder and goes from there? Could I use a UFD to accomplish the same thing if I wanted to to have a single C:\Drive\ partition? The AutoUnattend.xml that I'm using currently for installs works like this Instucts setup to Wipe the Drive Clean Create and format a 100mb System Reserved Partition (NTFS) Create a second partition using the remaining space,and assign C:\ (NTFS) Install windows on C:\ Note: The small 100mb Partition is System Reserved, hidden, and not assigned a drive letter. I could deviate from this answer file, but Idealy I would preffer to not have to split the drive into 3 parts (1 system reserved, 1 OS part, 1, Apps part)
  7. Request to add a feature or tool within the Addon maker to install and test Win Toolkit AddOn. Currently their is a somewhat viable tool that was created by 'Dark Madness' which can be found in the Forum (cant seem to find it right now) but it comes in the form of UI or command line tool. Their does'nt seem to have been any developement on the tool in over a year. I've tried it on a few Addons with mixed results. Anyhow, not all that important, but it does come in handy for me when I want to test an Addon on a live systems. Best Regards.
  8. If your refering to putting the apps folder on entirely on a different DVD/CD on their own, then What? Woud the scenerio go something like this? 1. Install Windows from the Spanned Media and when setup is complete ... 2. Insert the DVD (or UFD) with the Apps folder in the drive before first boot and WinToolKitRunOnce.exe will detect the folder and run the instruction Or Are you suggesting having the apps folder copied over to %SystemDrive% during setup using $oem$ folders method and invoke the installers from there by changing the variable for the Toolkit installer in the Registry to %SystemDrive%\Apps.
  9. I look forward to seeing the idea making it into a future release of Win Toolkit. Still, Many thanks for keeping Win Toolkit up2date.
  10. Well as it turns out Splitting a Windows Image File to Span Across Multiple DVDs or CDs is not a viable solution when you have integrated silent installers in the root Apps folder of your ISO. Not viable mainly because it requires to many extra steps to move the silent installers to the last DVD of the spanned set. Furthermore their the posibility that their may not even be enough room on the last DVD to accomadate the silent installers, simply becasue of a number of limitations found in the AIK create spanned shares command (which I wont go into detail). On the the other hand if you have no silent installers that were integrated using Win Toolkit, then spanning a WIM file across multible DVD's is in fact a nice solution for spanning a Windows Install across multiple DVD's / CD's. On a final note. I will not be expnding on this thread or providing a How-To as previously mentioned.
  11. Awesome, thanks for your devotion in developing Win Toolkit into such a fine and respectful piece of software.
  12. Thanks Lego, I'll give it try and post the resutls and update the thread as a [How-To]
  13. Thanks Rick. Interesting Installer.
  14. @Ricktendo64 How did your Microsoft Security Essentials project work out? I wanted to have a look at your installer, however it appears the links are now dead. Cheers and Regards.
  15. Interesting, I will give it a try. The thing that makes me doubt if it will work is the fact that all the integrated apps reside in the apps folder on the DVD (Which i presume is the first DVD of the set. Windows Setup will finish on the last DVD of the set and restart. Doesn't the first DVD of the set have to be present in the drive for Win Toolkit to execute?
  16. @Badaoui I've also asked this question once upon a time. [Howto] Removing / Changing a silent installer switch after Integration The search function of the forum works great. It's located at the top right of every forum page on this site.
  17. lol ... reminds of the song by 'timex social club' (1986)
  18. @LegoLash2o Does the Win Toolkit Installer that runs at first desktop load work if a Windows Image File is split to span across multiple DVD's or CDs? I intend to the either use the Win Toolkit SWM split tool or this method to split the image. Perhaps this question is best suited for the developer of Win Toolkit. I'm realy just looking for a simple yes or no answer. Before replying to this thread, please have a look here first to see if your reply has already been covered by someone else. Thanks in advance. BTW :: Why Installing from USB is not an option.
  19. The link to your .NET4.5 SFX Maker v1 (installer repacker): http://adf.ly/1713566/dotnet45sfx appears to be broken. Dropbox reports error 509. Darn DCMA notices i guess. Can Do you have another host for this file? Cheers and Regards.
  20. I for one would appreciate a one off 1.4.1. Count me all-in.
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