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  1. Well who needs Microsoft updates and support anyway...?=) The security updates are mostly for activeX and Internet explorer which I don't use.. Google chrom does not play on my system either..I don't need google sniffing on me. Google can rag your system too.! Win 7 x64 runs like a race horse. After shrinking down, to 1.2 GB. I can shredder/wipe and wipe with east tec...Browse with maxthon on duckduck go. search engine. Make snppits in Maxthon insert to evernote and stream movies on XBMC--now Kodi as well make some downloads in between with Internet download manager, all running at the sa
  2. It's a bit late LOL..it does run under Win 7 too...Now I raised the dead OMG oyO
  3. I love this Your Addon-list and special the autoruns - I also have a portable version and made a few PC's a lot faster. It's a great Tool to have in Control panel THX REAPER =)
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