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  1. Hello mooms, Sumatra released 3.2 Final, can you make the Silent AIO version pls
  2. java post @nsaneforums
  3. Used these links successfully v9.0.1 x64 v9.0.1 x86
  4. Works good. What is the difference between passive and silent installation?
  5. Is there any protection to the cmd? In previous releases I could edit it and worked fine. Now I edit only one digit from 0 to 1 and it's broken.
  6. Skype (!!! before Download untick greyed out "Download with secure Download manager") Repacked. The only change from the original script is left desktop icon active, bcz it's hard to find in Win8.1 start menu for novice users. Enjoy
  7. 10x Thiersee and ricktendo, so following the given script and instructions here is repacked: Skype (before Download untick greyed out "Download with secure Download manager") The only change from the original script is I left the desktop icon, bcz Win8.1 is hard to find it in start menu for novice users. Enjoy
  8. Options select: English / Admin / Silent Install / Dual Windows Installer appears two times with two lines on cmd: The file cannot .....
  9. Version: Adobe Shockwave Player (Repack) Source: repacks.net/forum/
  10. On the other computer that is Win 7 x64 installs and when run get this error: P.S: In fact I really don't have those folders in the error message. When I get the chance will test it in Win 7 x86, maybe tomorrow. Here is the error in Win 7 x86 while installing:
  11. Hash Tab on PaintDotNet_x64.msi CRC32: AF492981 MD5: 15FC7AEB19DC834B07A7B056735E9F30 SHA-1: 6DA0443D89AB443DCC49034D165ED928DBDB710E They match
  12. Last two versions, I get this on Win 8.1 x64 Similar error on Win 7 x64 Slim .NET 4.6.1 Installed Any suggestions? (no problem with older versions)
  13. here the link of the original: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/shockwave/default/english/win95nt/latest/sw_lic_full_installer.msi
  14. Installers in links are updated to version 4.0.8, but both x86 x64 are causing problems on different computers, not a single one installed and run normally. No such problems with 4.0.6 same computers. Redownloaded couple of times. all runtimes updated, pls recheck the repacks, something wrong there.
  15. 8u60 - not packed with UPX error Update: Solved First I got this (screen is from second attempt, wheres the files were already downloaded from the first): So after couple of tries I got it work as regular on another computer. Still figuring out the problem, suspecting the security suite bugs WGET.
  16. Anybody keep Skype repacked from Ricktendo? Need it for old XP machine, later versions cause problems. Pls share that if you have it. 10x
  17. 7z much better, can verify md5, size and date, better all ups be 7-zip
  18. Is x64 updated? I get the same hashes for May release and the link in first post (July). And the hash is different from given - 46933A7D89D4DAC0141868B0C7ACAEE4
  19. New release is out: Daemon Tools Lite 5.0.1
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