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  1. thanks for this, i got sick and tired waiting for the new slim release
  2. thanks for the update, i am doing some real-world testing of my new build and i'll report how it went
  3. I have also encountered this problem with the latest version (12.2) ... i have tested uninstalling the addon version (uninstalls successfully) and then tried installing the silent version and uninstalling it. I get the missing INF error above when i try to do it. It appears the INF isn't getting copied to the INF folder on install meaning it can't get uninstalled. It only affects the silent installer version. Thanks Kel.
  4. I am keeping an eye on Strel's project and will do a new version as soon as he does one
  5. good point ... info added to 1st post I have also not included any runtime packs. Sorry about the mediafire link, re-upping it.
  6. Hi Kel! The thread still says its v4.6 when v4.8 is now out? Thanks again for all your add-ons ... been using them for decades it seems lol
  7. Hi there, Having been using this board for years for all my add-on needs, it's about time i gave something back I have used Strel's Silent .NET Maker synthesized (SNMsynth) to make an all-in-one .Net Framework passive installer, that i have packaged into an add-on. Included are all the restricted hotfixes listed on the MSFN page i have linked to above. It is for Windows XP and does not contain any language packs, so i guess this is useful for English users. I have also not included any runtime packs. Grab it from the following places: Rapidshare (Private Mirror) 43.1 MB (45,201,348 bytes) CRC-32: 1ca0b9fc MD4: 04f68bc17e3fcb291bcda41bfdba7644 MD5: 849ccbcc2587741d8d3d636dd27e8d94 SHA-1: d4f7e3c973b503fc1db13a515a87755ac3350d9c
  8. thanks for this ... i see the new version is available from MajorGeeks and here it is already :prop:
  9. I've been searching for entire minutes for a v7 addon on both this site and RyanVMs ... anyone got a link? Cheers.
  10. Thanks for this fix, i was nearly about to revert to using another update pack ... the missing file was named as "xpprof.inf" and it looked important! ... glad to see what the prob was. Cheers mate.
  11. The link is certainly down. Can the poster please choose a reliable hoster.
  12. Anyone feel up to writing up a .REG file to reverse this tweak? I can test it in 2 seconds on a VM i have tucked away.
  13. Heya Kel, Hope you are well because i've come to depend on a few of your addons One of them in particular is causing an issue, was wondering if you could help me track it down -- something in UberPack 14.4 (could be earlier versions as well) is causing the following behavior: if you open an explorer window to view a folder with audio files in it, and the window recognizes this and so displays the appropriate actions in the side bar -- if you click on Play all, instead of playing the files with the default media player, it brings up the 'Move items' dialog box. You have to click cancel twice before the media player launches. I never use this method to start files myself, but a user of one of my XP mods does and i feel obligated to fix this for him i just had a quick look at UberPack.inf but i'm no expert -- which is why i thought i'd ask one Any help much appreciated, Sop.
  14. Rick, is there a tool of yours that i DON'T use? Thanks for yet another useful addon. You are the king.
  15. umm Rick, small thing, but you forgot to update the Entries_CCleaner.ini file --- it confuses peeps like me
  16. you are right, i assumed everyone modifyPE'ed
  17. so it wasn't just me ... just expand and recompress that file, it will be fine.
  18. thanks for clearing this up ... go easy on the dude, he does good work
  19. Rick, dude's addon has new files than yours, why would this be? Does it matter? Thanks for all your work, i use lots of your addons.
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