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  1. just a junnior programmer question: how do u autotest? is there any suite or u just code ur tests?
  2. Pero windows me pide más updates con ese que con el hecho por el silent net syntetizer... Es problema de Windows, del addon, de nlite o mio? Lo he puesto el ultimo addon...
  3. Buenas! Ante todo, muchisimas gracias por el trabajo que haces! Ahora la pregunta: Cuando instalo Windows integro utilizando nLite un pack hecho con el net silent maker 3.5, y después añado el NET 4 (tu pack slim con el spanish agregado) en RunOnceEx, pero esto me está dando problemas, por lo tanto me gustaria saber si este pack incluye todo lo que incluyen los que he mencionado, para utilizar este en su lugar. Gracias.
  4. Are you guys really using that hellish piece of crap? I allways recommend ANY custommer not to get windows 8. Whores/drugs/a bullet to suicide are much better inversions than win8 :S Now the real question: Is there anything you can do in win8 that you can't in windows 7? Because if not I believe this is going to be like vista: Never made a single fresh install of it.
  5. Thank you rick. Tried on both windows xp and win7 SP1, on runOnceEx and as a normal installation. It works like a charm.
  6. You're great. I was only asking for guidance and you took the effort to do the job for me, it is REALLY appreciated. Gracias amigo.
  7. I've tried to integrate the ES package into the instalation. I made a 7zip with the contents of both, the slim languaje pack and the slim net 4 installer. I deleted the ; in the lines ;!@Install@!UTF-8:Language:3082! and ;!@InstallEnd@:Language:3082!, in config.txt from your script to drag and drop. After all of this I drag&drop my recently made .7z file to your script. When I try to use my brand-new .exe in a fresh installed xp machine with ONLY NET 3.5.1 esES on it, it seems that it only installs the english part. It displayed the "finish" message in english, plus I cant see any languaje pack in the control panel. What am I doing wrong?)
  8. Hey there! Sorry for my ignorance, but those runtimes are multillingual? I know it will work on any languaje, but is there any english message inside the dlls or something that will make any part of any program look like if it was made in english? By the way, are 2012 and 2013 compatible with winXP?
  9. Hello. Pardon my ignorance, but do i need to install 4.5 and THEN 4.5.1 or it is enough with 4.5.1? normally you need all net versions, but I believe that 4.5.1 completly overwrites 4.5, so I dont need to install 4.5, Am I right? By the way, I cant download your addon, the website says the file is under maintenance :S
  10. Great guide! I was wondering around to solve some doubt and it solved'em all except one: If I have one ISO with 5 windows images (win x86 starter to ultimate) and make the integration selecting them all, it has to integrate the updates 5 times, even if files are the same? Its taking 6+ hours on a fast computer (and it has only completed half the process), and I'm afraid that troubleshooting by myself would require a too big waiting. What I mean is, if I only choose for instance Windows 7 Pro image in the first step, will changes be performed on a windows 7 ultimate install?
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