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  1. that and a serious error, because the file which you indicated, are copied during setup by txtsetup.sif, and impossible that the files are not copied to the destination all windows xp sp3 official have this line in the [WinntDirectories] Update Pack adds this, there is not nothing there that is not OK in my opinion, there's nothing wrong, in update pack, but there is one strange thing with your cd?, but I'm curious to know what happened there? You can post here, the [WinntDirectories] & [sourceDisksNames.x86], which is inside your txtsetup.sif?
  2. those flags are for advpack, not setupapi, setuapi and here http://msdn.microsof...v=vs.85%29.aspx ocgen.dll, I know uses setuapi + advpack, I think it is still in 90% is based on SetupApi, as well as almost always in all microsoft inf, using the 32 flags, I believe and this 0x00000004 (COPYFLG_NOVERSIONCHECK) Ignore file versions and write over existing files in the destination directory. This flag and the next two are mutually exclusive. This flag is irrelevant to digitally signed INF files. 0x00000008 (COPYFLG_FORCE_FILE_IN_USE) Force file-in-use behavior: do not copy over an existing file of the same name if it is currently open. Instead, copy the given source file with a temporary name so that it can be renamed and used when the next restart occurs. 0x00000020 (COPYFLG_NO_VERSION_DIALOG) Do not write over a file in the destination directory with the source file if the existing file is newer than the source file. This flag is irrelevant to digitally signed INF files. If a driver package is digitally signed, Windows installs the package as a whole and does not selectively omit files in the package based on other versions already present on the computer. Ciao.
  3. DXUPAC last release http://voidseesaw.com/onepiece/ Langpack.exe (DotNet 1.1) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/nl-nl/details.aspx?familyid=04dbaf2e-61ed-43f4-8d2a-ccb2bab7b8eb&displaylang=nl Do not forget to remove any "ENU" from the name of every AddOn
  4. serve only DotNet True AddOn, to get these files NetFX*.in_ & NetFX*.cab, about silverlight IE8 WMP11 ect ect need to put their setup.exe, in directory they are even other hotfixes Sorry again for my English, when it comes online Nonno Fabio, the most explain everything well Ciao.
  5. Ragazzi dopo 6 giorni e il giorno dei update, cosi e quasi una pazzia fare update pack adesso (visto che mi servirà forse riuploadare tutto dopo 6 giorni ehh), comunque visto che stavo risistemando i dati in mio HD di archivio ecco già uploadato questa release OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 AggiornatoPack v5.4.0 ITA BETA Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Aggiornato (Gennaio 03 2012) Hash MD5 9CB176DBECBD6C44CF2A9E4A5E2C5E11 Filesize: 213 MB (223828593 bytes) log KB2629462 (Sostituisce KB956625) KB2584577 (Sostituisce KB2506212) Microsoft.NET Framework v1.1.4322.2494 Italiano (Aggiornato Gennaio 2012) Microsoft.NET Framework v3.5.30729.3678 (Aggiornato Gennaio 2012) Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0.30319.272 (Aggiornato Gennaio 2012) e tutto ok, e stato chiamato come beta, visto che se esce altro martedì qualche altro update aggiungeremo anche quello e usciamo con la v5.4.0 Final dopo, in caso che esce come sempre solo il MRT.exe, quasi lasceremo questo come Final (sposterò questi link in primo post), non vale la pena riuploadare solo per il RTM.exe chi vole la aggiunge da se dopo ect ect Ciao a tutti.
  6. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=105662#105662 http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9401 Ciao.
  7. Aggiornato, aggiunto il supporto per la creazione del WinXP Post-SP3 Update Pack v5.3.0 & Win2K3 Post-SP2 Update Pack v3.8.0 Ciao a tutti.
  8. Ragazzi AddOn già aggiornato ancora, per di più guardate il primo post Ciao a tutti.
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