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  1. Here is mine I used a plain brown background and changed the hue to make it Blue Glow on the launcher http://i34.tinypic.com/2v0bwcl.jpg It installs to look like this http://i33.tinypic.com/elgeo.png
  2. I guess pointless to ask for one lol My script works fine any way
  3. wondering if anyone is upto making one of Google sidebar, I have made an autoit script for one but maybe it can be done addon style Google sidebar http://desktop.google.com/
  4. I'm the dude that doesn't know howtoo thumbnail lol but love to enter desktop contest Here is mine, I use google sidebar for a change - better? Hard to say gadgets not as plentyfull
  5. I'm running it now and wow it is faster plus I have the core and kernel running at ram Speed which helps too.
  6. Yes I live in richmond, B.C. Her name is Kaley Cuoco
  7. It's Neon Glass WBA skin http://rapidshare.com/files/105097334/NeonGlass.rar Very nice and I also added a styler toolbar to match it and tweaked the registry for it to show in the right spot
  8. This is my default desktop that is shown exactly like this after install I made the start menu out of a plain brown ViStart menu by experimenting
  9. Yes, I'm out of luck with 5508, oh well final is coming soon
  10. All the boot screens that are for 5508 don't work, it says file not found
  11. What would be the path to have script run exe from source cd? $INSTALLLOCATION = In case it's drive E instead of D, sorry I'm a newb at this
  12. Here is mine I use Flared Glass TT and Vistart Sorry don't know how to thumbnail so here is link
  13. It's very easy to make as it will run portable I have one I made for my unattendeds but the icons require the apps I use also
  14. Good to hear you went semi dedicated, I went that then went dedicated unmetered, it rocks
  15. Got the same error after Dec 3 and went back to 6.2
  16. Good to know I've been doing the driverpacks first for 2 years without a problem, I tried them last and build failed so I don't believe what you say is a hard and fast rule.
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