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  1. Only the software, removed definitions. XP FOREVER! HACK THE PLANET! https://www.mirrored.to/files/0JAI5RD0/Desktop.7z_links Pass: catsxp
  2. search the K1nggeorge ones he revamp all the old addons
  3. Build march 27, 2020. Tested in real hardware. All Credit to heinoganda, I just follow his guide Included sha1 checksum https://anonfiles.com/52lab9k3o8/MARCH_27_2020_BUILD_7z
  4. if you like teamos OS then take a look at updatepack7r which will include updates until january 2023, the updates can be installed in live systems or easyly integrated with a script you can get in the same page
  5. [AddOn] Tablet PC 2005 (Español) Mirror: https://www.mirrored.to/files/0B2S1D9N/_es.rar_link
  6. La version 9 requiere Windows 7 o superior. Los amigos que les gusta coleccionar programas que funcionen en XP definitivamente deben guardar la version anterior.
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