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  1. 1 arm, 1 leg, 1 testicle and an aging grandmother
  2. Spank my ass for necroposting, but users will still visit this post, having the same question as the OP. I am an NTLite license holder and i write and share my barebone presets for w7 and w10(14393-build 1607) at Nuhis forum. I have got w7 ultimate x64 installed at 1.1xGB. The syswow64 folder is around 500mb once i have shrunk it. Using my preset on w7 32bit should give an install size of 600mb(estimated). This will makie a perfect os for a media player or jukebox, its rock solid stable.
  3. Jan, i dont use wincert and HeiDoc much, but i know HeiDoc for iso links, good luck.
  4. oh poohbags, the picture isnt showing so ive used it as my profile pic, hehe
  5. Kelsenellenlvian, i know the name having looked in many places for pc related info but i dont know the man, but i know the pain of loss. sometimes there is nothing you can say to someone who is hurting that will make any sodding difference, but i never take the same approach as others, so here goes, i have attached a picture, that no matter how bad i feel, it never fails to make me laugh, hope it does for you and heres 2 quotes/greetings/parting sayings, quote 1 - Dave Allen(irish comedian) - Good Night, And May Your God Go With You quote 2 - George Carlin - May The Forces Of Evil Become Confused On The Way To Your House Emma xx
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