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  1. ricktendo64 would you be so kind and include Croatian language support in next addon update? Cheers mate....
  2. dougiefresh mate your download link is down again on your site... Edit: Ahmm..still no go? Well I'll wait then...
  3. Guys Can you fix download links in first post? :sweatingbullets: Thanks. EDIT: Now dougiefresh download link on his site is down....
  4. Happy B day to our hardworking admin,and BIG thanks for this great community that you put on feet from the bottom to the top! You deserve it all the way!!! :prop: Mate.... I wish you all the best...and I also wish you come to an end with all those house work very soon Have a wonderful day! :beerchug:
  5. Yeah I tried b16c And log reported compression went fine,but I encountered problems on first logon. Seams like rundll error. :sweatingbullets: That was strange for me so I used same addons and everything else I used with b16c and patch with b14a. Now the funny thing begins. I check the log of b14a So I proceed and Install it since I recall I never had problems with b14a it and guess what? Work flawless! WTF?! :g: I already sweep my addons and did clean install unpached to confirm that this addon combination works fine on me...then proceed testing by patching it.
  6. Actually Geej that would be painless method but I already started working on this and I'm almost finish so It's not necessary at the moment. Thanks for assistance.
  7. Is it just me or.....? dougiefresh this is part of a log from v16b...
  8. thilakshan why did you open another thread (and other two forums as well) for this? since I already replied you. It's not problem to do it,but it takes time to sweep like more than 3000 registry entries each one, one by one to remove/edit what is necessary so that KMplayer would be associated as default player for nearly 40 associations + DVD,AUDIO,AUDIO CD,... like I posted on screenshot in my previous post mentioned above. People have other obligations too other than jumping ASAP as other people would wont them to do. Please be patient and level headed when asking and opening another threads.
  9. Gorki


    Welcome RUNARMY0f1. I hope you find all you need in here to improve your win setup BTW I like your wallpapers on wall Che and Jimmy :thumbsup_anim:
  10. Thanks mate. That was quick. I'll test it asap and report back. This latest resources that amnesia posted in two post up are not included if I'm correct?
  11. Yeah nice... tool It was about fun reading it until I come to... :doh:
  12. I checked XTSP log entry...and find something that I can't explain or am I....
  13. Very nice app barteknowacki. I hope you manage to reduce memory usage of this tool. English support will come soon as well. Keep up
  14. dougiefresh your download link is down since you post new update for beta 16? Is there any reason? Thanks!
  15. Ok thilakshan I could update my addon if you use it ( I presume you are) with file associations among with audio,DVD,video bla bla settings What do you and others think?
  16. It is possible to associate desired media files with KMPlayer via registry ,that way double clicking that file would initiate KMPlayer playback. If you won't I can take a look and post it here?
  17. AddOn is with English language ONLY,so it's not multilanguage. It's ONLY available in English for now, however some users are contributing and helping developer to add other language support available here ob FG boards. If you have language upload it and I'll see what can I do.
  18. AddOn has been updated. Sorry for inconvenience.
  19. Thanks for info. I update it to first post. AddOn updated,see first post for more details.
  20. What a relief! Never the less keep up with good work guys!
  21. Funny thing is that last weak I just installed Pro Street,and I did not like it that much like Underground. I hope Undercover brings up good old days
  22. This is when I come to part creating destination dirs :sweatingbullets: Firs time using it and It broke...on me! LOL :type:
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