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  1. Updated for more details please see the Changelog. Enjoy! Edit: Ok I fixed international language updating that did not work classic way so I used other methods to take care of this. Sorry for inconvenience.
  2. Updated! Aldo my addon (including skins) is significantly greater than original installer 19.4Mb Vs 12.4Mb I still decide to keep up updating this great player including addon. I hope you like it as I do.
  3. ; Uninstallation part [UnInstall] ... EndPrompt =EndUnInsPrompt RunPostSetupCommands=Just.In.Case UpdateInis =sysoc.Edit Cleanup =1 also add this section [Just.In.Case] RUNDLL32 advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 %16422%\%PROGTITLE%,8 ;This will take care for remaining folders :) [sysoc.Edit] %17%\sysoc.inf,Components,TotalCmd=* since we add [sysoc.Edit] in .inf file we must do the same in .ini file otherwise it won't work. [sysoc.Edit] %17%\sysoc.inf,Components,TotalCmd=*
  4. I'm hooping you'll be with us very soon.
  5. I just recently purchased Corsair Voyager 8Gb flash stick. It's not good as GT or fastest but it was on discount and I did not have any ever since my old MSI 128mb (USB 1.0 Speed) cracked,had bad plastic casing. I like Star Trek and this nice water resistant case that voyager has. LOL :dribble:
  6. Yeah decide to leave it in case somebody decides to install it anyway. It's very easy to remove it...
  7. XnView @9.64Mb 104AD245FC2C8A862A7EA3074B4D3751 Note: Associations with .emf .gif .iff .Image .jpg .pcx .pic .png .slide .tga .tif .wmf and .bmp extensions. Addon also contains localized strings for following language... Croatian,German,French,Italian ,Bulgarian,Polish,Spanish,Turkish,Chinese,Japanese and of course English . Changlelog: 29-November-08 - Updated to version 1.95.4 Complete version 25-October-08 Updated to version 1.95.2
  8. Ok here are they,AVG is antivirus,and as you see it also has it's extension.
  9. Now that was fast update. I add my vote! Thanks... :thumbsup:
  10. If you are referring to standard MS games (Solitare,Minesweeper,...) made for Vista and ported to XP that was already done way back. Check this sticky.
  11. Works great, saves toooo much time and trouble in just several mouse clicks. :beerchug: This is interesting. Is it possible to override this somehow,or even make some kind of note when making cab so user would be aware on which file to consider for further work with? P.S. I noticed you still have v.011 in title bar...
  12. Actually that game look very cool, ut would be nice to see it as addon, however 202mb is not small size (to upload)...so it's up to you to decide... Anyway...this one is nice.
  13. LOOL where did you dig that? Kirk busted that lizard. Stone resistive Lizard even tried to kiss him in one moment.
  14. FlashGet @4.01Mb 29E3FBD9A0A73E6B6ED3D76D4112DB8A Note: Sett as default download manager (including torrents) Google toolbar is not installed by default Drop Box is disabled Personal note: Based on Rick's discontinued addon. Changelog: 3-October-08 Major registry cleanup.
  15. Mate I have no words to say THANK YOU! :worthy: Awesome work! :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Sweet..this will do nice in free time... maybe I even show it to my younger cousin,I hope I could remove him latter when he starts playing it...LOL
  17. Sweet amnesia..thanks for heads up! Looking great! bober I'm not sure how much does WMP11 differs from gui patcher but this error I had was not the first time. Guess I should also Ask booogy,maybe ho could help me with this since he knows how slipstreamer works. dougiefresh mate I feel kinda guilty with all those "not working" posts,but I must admit you did wonderful job with your gui patcher. :thumbsup: I hope you don't mind me telling you that. p.s. When would you change this first beta 8 looking picture. I'm kinda bored with it since I run this patcher for several times each day LOL
  18. As I anticipated before. Instead of adding WMP11 with slipstreamer I used OnePiece's addon and everything went fine. Hmm..... No errors or what so ever.
  19. Hmm...dougiefresh I've been trying to find a reason why does wmp11 errors on startup. This problem has been fixed in newer WMP11 slipstreamer, I tried manually replacing WBEMOC.IN_ (as I suspected) after patching with previous (before I applied gui patch) and same thing happens. Even tried WMP 11 slipstream as latest thing before making .iso. I will still have to investigate this. Maybe try WMP11 addon from OnePiece instead of using WMP11 slipstreamer. :g:
  20. Ok here is the situation at 86% of progress. Previously integrated WMP11 (and hotfixes) with WMP Slipstreamer.
  21. Yes I know but latest patch can also com in hand. Seams like developer expanded his great tool and now you are able to customize it even more
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