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  1. Exuse me, can somebody update first post, I mean "changelog"? Thanks
  2. Hi, Kel CLSID\{D14ED2E1-C75B-443c-BD7C-FC03B2F08C17} is the same for "HP USB Format Tool" and "TweakUI", "HP USB Format Tool" will be not visible again ,I did not check jet, but will... Thanks for new update
  3. Kel, I am very sorry, something was mixed in my ISO, making new, hope everything will be OK, sorry again, thanks
  4. Of course I was using your addons before, because like them, but now I did clean install on reformated partition. Iso includes: XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.1.5a_20091208.7z OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.6.0_AddOn_ENU.7z YumeYao_WMP11_Addon_ENU_V3_3_1.7z BlueXPSP3Taskmgr5512addon.7z Java6up17addon.cab Kels_CPLBonus_v10.2_addon.rar Kels_Notepad2_v4.0.22.5_addon.rar Kels_RefreshTools_CPL_addon.CAB Kels_Runtimes_addon_v6.rar Kels_Synesis_Run_v2.0.2.32_addon.CAB Kels_Uber_Addon_v14.6.rar Kels_VistaDriveIndicator_addon_v2.2_uninstallable.CAB KLMcodec551addon.cab Ricks_7-Zip4.65_Intl_addon.7z Ricks_VistaRocketDock1.3.5_AddOn.rar Ricks_WindowsSidebar6.0.6002.18005_Intl_AlkyXP1.1_addon.7z VisualTaskTips34addon.cab Wordpad__2009Addon.cab XForce_dotnetaio_EN_Addon.7z and some driver packs. Installs perfect, but will check my ISO again. It can happen that I did some mistake somewhere... not sure. Will inform immediatelly, if I find something wrong. Thanks
  5. ver 10.2 More details: There is shortcut "DFX", but no program, there is program HPUSBFW.EXE, but no shortcut, and shortcuts: AutoFix, BootSafe, BootVis, cpuz, GPU-Z, HDTune, HWMonitor, IEClean, MemTest, msicuu, pserv2, SmartDriverBackup, TimeZone, TweakUI, vcdrom, wul need to be changed. I installed Xp on real machine, changed shortcuts and all utilities works perfect, thanks again.
  6. Kel, after installing version 10 I found "CPL" folder created, but all utilities shortcuts had target folder "CPL Bonus", renamed it and everything goes fine. Is this fixed in version 10.2? Anyway, downloading because I like this addon, thanx.
  7. X-Force, could you, please, give us english version of your dotnet aio. Tks
  8. Please, give us some first beta to try, no patience, pain in ...
  9. Tried new batch, have no problems, thanx. May be first page can be updated.
  10. Installed on real machine - two days - no problems, thank you, amazing job, if something found will inform immediatelly, thanx again.
  11. Thanks for eforts to make Tsp better... I was removing/changing some user pictures from Extra folder and find that all bmp names are mixed: car is fish, guitar is dog etc... etc... This is not causing special problems, but in fact exists.
  12. To cab or not? I allways cab winntbba.dll and winntbbu.dll. Tested on live machine - works, in case space is important..
  13. Thank you, everything is explained absolutely clear, and Yes we like testing.
  14. Avi's are super beautifull. Tried your preview Mani_s_Copying_Items.avi and can see it is looping... Of course such avi's are looping, but in example posted here red, green, blue, etc. this effect is hidden deep and we have a feeling that movement goes "non stop". Can something be changed in your (can say again - super beautifull) W7 avi's to hide somehow this looping effect? Just an idea Tks
  15. Robi 1 How many bmp is going to be included in final task manager (I mean positions "Performance" and "Networking)? 2 I tried to change icons in task manager, sorry, no idea what beautifull colors to use, but the main idea is to have some kind of yellow icon when CPU usage is high and red when it is 100 percent. Have a look and good luck in your wonderful work... http://www.filefactory.com/file/ahf7352/n/taskmgr_rar
  16. Never mind, will try to find it myself... tks
  17. Thanks for quick answer, I was asking about this resource... GuestDefault.bmp
  18. Can somebody tell, please, where is guest account default bmp located, which is shown when guest account is not active... Tried addon and manual versions... will use manual, voted, like it, thanks
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