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  1. People and their updates.. wmp slipstreamer version 1.4.1 now.. these things come out too fast
  2. Still same prob.. the regular XPtsp works fine (well I got an advanced inf error blabla but that's not this pack doing it) But when I try the blue patch.. right at the start of the driverpacks-setup it says setup can't find some dll
  3. Unregistered I think? How do you add a register.. ty
  4. Blue version seems to be giving problems with my XP setup...
  5. Happy new year and question... What are the xptsp themes so far.. saw a dutch purple one too on rvm Keep up the good work too guys.. nice tool
  6. Here ya go.. I got this trick from my friend AMC @ Project Alchemist 1st you make a Reg file... open notepad.. type or paste then save as wall.reg Put that file in $OEM$ folder and put the wallpaper.. example.jpg or whichever you wish.. in $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper\ Then you go also in $OEM$ and add next line to cmd.txt
  7. Ive been using a similar addon... and when I use a 1024 or 800 dimension wall.. it cuts off some of it Just wonder why PS.. ppl who problems with the wallpaper being same as this when windows, I know of a regtweak that solves that
  8. Scratch this.. I found the problem.. no worries
  9. I made a modded XP and all went well When I started up my virtual XP.. some Vista Build Tag started up along with my XP Its put a tag with "Ryan's Updated pack" on the desktop (and I didn't use any RVM addons) Does anyone have a clue where I got this from..
  10. Ok my unattended has errors so I think I did it wrong... dunno if orbit can still make me a 5512 addon...
  11. Ok so wait a minute.. Ive been trying to analyze these in rs hack Am I right.. if I say ya only need to edit one... ntoskrnl?
  12. Hey kel.. I meant the dark version Checked on ryan's and think there's no dark version
  13. My project design.. on deviant http://lordwolfsoul.deviantart.com/gallery/
  14. I know how to create graphics but dunno how to handle systemfiles or make nlite addons... Im making an XP sp3 with 5512 Sorry if I bug ya but ya I would appreciate it
  15. I like these, going to use them Are there any updates or
  16. Nah.. it looks good with white or grey progressbar So ya wanna make me an addon or... If I can ask ya to
  17. Looks like this 16 colors.. hmm not bad Dunno with or without progress bar...?
  18. How bout this... http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs36/f/2008/285...ordwolfsoul.jpg
  19. Hm wait wait... Tell me the size which is best and I will fix up something
  20. It's just a boot screen I can find you another picture if you like...
  21. Actually don't worry too much bout colors.. I know bootscreens get limited so if they look a bit green/greyish it's allright
  22. Ty That would be a great help... http://fc97.deviantart.com/fs36/f/2008/285/a/4/Bootscreen_big____by_lordwolfsoul.jpg http://fc56.deviantart.com/fs36/f/2008/284/e/f/Legend_bootscreen___by_lordwolfsoul.jpg I don't know if these will work.. they are rather colorful...
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