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  1. I don't think having IE installed will be that much of a problem for most users. Although I like the batch interface lol
  2. If I got it correctly, and you want to remove a file from the ISO, then unzip it with 7-zip or Universal Extractor (both freeware), delete the file(s), repack in nLite (compile an ISO). But I'm not sure if there's no dependence, that would mean the installer would generate an error.
  3. Well, there's no real way to do this. You have to use RyanVM Integrator or nLite (both free) softwares to integrate it as an addon in a Windows installation source, and then burn it onto a CD or DVD. This means you have to install a new copy of XP, from a CD/DVD with this integrated. Simply run nLite, browse to your folder where your Windows files are located on your hard drive, in the next screen select 'Hotfixes, Addons, and Update Packs' and 'Bootable ISO' (and something more if you want to toy around). Drag the archive in, the 'Hotfixes, Addons and Update Packs' page, click next, choose direct burn, enter a blank CD/DVD (if you add only this one addon, a CD will be enough) and burn it. Hope that helps
  4. Cool! One question though - I read somewhere how to enable this on an existing install, but it was said this tweak caused a bug with folder view setting change, is this fixed in the addon version?
  5. Just wanted to say that tested on my own custom Windows (with SP3) and it works.
  6. Broken link, please reupload.
  7. 403. On both IE & Fx. Could you please reupload it to mediafire (mihd, ifile, filefactory, wherever)?
  8. Is there actually something like this on Vista? I know there's Media Center (btw would be nice to see an XP port of it :-) ), but the dancers and stuff... are they there? At least as Ultimate extras maybe?
  9. Phew... Otherwise my modded Windows would be rubbish (as I integrated the addon already but I haven't installed my Windows yet) :sweatingbullets:
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