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  1. Init setting.exe has subsystem version issue . It is set to vista. For me Wypack doesnot work
  2. I am Still wondering if following features can be ever added: * Search option to taskbar and startmenu *Auto Changing wallpaper
  3. TGTSOFT STYLEBUILDER is compiling my custom theme but generated ms style is broken . I am trying to mod OS minimal 2 by dobee
  4. As you said . When I will grow up I will make own forum . I will be taking suggestions from you , xper and other of coarse. Currently reinstalling xp x86 and 10 x64 . Dual boot is always fun .
  5. I personally now cannot do anything . Nim you may not be aware of my age . I am just 14year. I will be starting 15 by November 8 . Their other great guys they may buy or at least provide free hosting. My home server is too slow I donot thing it can run msfn . Xper wants to sell most probably as tripdecus mentioned somewhere. My blind friend from Germany own a powerful server with 50mbps connection. He may help . If doom day comes after a month. Xper has not mentioned any post regarding whether he needs a free hosting from us . That many guys like you folks can help.
  6. I thing he cannot find a good person to sell the site. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/176958-msfn-will-be-online-one-more-month/ MSFN will stay online for one more month . Hope some people will donate xper to continue his great site.
  7. http://www.msfn.org/board/ Forum is not closing . We requested and cried around . MSFN is no more closing . Hope so in future . Believe or not it is a great board . New forum software is indeed awesome . @NIM I donot think its a gimmick as XPER is facing lots of problems in his real life . Way the ad blocker are used now a days it became terrible to collect hosting fees which i guess .
  8. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/176950-msfn-will-be-taken-offline-12-august-2017/ Read here
  9. ================================================================================== # Special thanks to 5eraph and Ramsey (admin of zone54) #Special thanks to My close friends BHlPT, Dencorso , FranceBB , GreenhillManiac , 5eraph , neverseen , tomy , Samuka ,Rloew,neverseen,Dubby,Overflow #Special thanks to neverseen for support #Special thanks to FranceBB for testing #Special thanks to everyone who use and love Xp #Special thanks to great moders like Rloew, BlackWingCat ,Wildbill #Special Thanks to Syvet for WineD3D #Special Thanks to wine and reactos team. # Special to user_
  10. link down is it usable in XP english?
  11. My health is not well now . I will give it a try . It is really very helpful my friend. What is the silent switch?
  12. hi it was detected as virus by my av. can you fix it?
  13. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ALL WONDERFUL WORKS. I wish you best mydear.
  14. great dude. I am repacking few stufs for you. Tell me which one you want .msi or eno
  15. Any body know how can i slim down driver like i do with my xpcd with nlite. I have done actually with geforce driver pakage by removing craps by moding inf but is there any easy way
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