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  1. hi is you problem to make an Installations CD which fits on a normal 700MB CD? If so ,then ask and we can help you to show you how you can make one with most of these features included.
  2. looks much better than the old one.. a good job. Thank you
  3. possible for any update to this one please? Thank you
  4. tested, so far so good. patching went on well. Task manager is OK.. will try to check for any further abnormalities if there are any. A nice weekend
  5. A nice gesture, well done It is by far the best of the sort
  6. hope you get some time and update this Thank you
  7. error messages with the new version, but thx for the time
  8. yes, download Kel's UberPacK v15.6.2 on the first page, unrar and install from the inf file (caution:- uninstall previous version if any)
  9. rick, there seems to be a newer version.. Any updates please? thank you and a nice day
  10. tested this and seems not to work well , but thx for the effort
  11. @Kelsenellenelvian thank you, I have tested this 3 times, seems to be OK and flawless. If you don't mind you can PM the other version for testing. A nice day
  12. are you referring to the error during set-up after integration or the "MAKE ISO" error. these 2 errors are the ones I'm talking about 1.- I tried to copy those files you uploaded in the I386 but the error during setup wasn't corrected. I still got that funny window showing up in both cases 2:- I tested the MAKE ISO , it did create an ISO file but on testing it with VM I got an error "see image" file was missing, although the ISO made with RVMI works flawless.
  13. this tool in the new version(MAKE ISO) makes corrupted ISO files as opposed to the one before.I have tested it over five folders and every time I get corrupt isos which never boot. When I use the other tools like nlite or RVMI I get uncorrupted ISO files. can you try to check this out too if you get some time. I'm willing to make more tests A nice day
  14. /EDIT this didn't solve the problem either.. Thank you, does that mean you have corrected the main Addon? A nice day
  15. ok, I have tested this and intergrates well, but during install it asks for the path of uberpack.inf..see this can you correct this please?, thank you
  16. now looks better, I wish you had removed the Advertisement also(left hand corner- could be removed) Thank you for this
  17. thank you for the update, but here we go once more:- make ISO doesn't work any more, errors (looking for a file:.. ant find a make iso file. vbs)
  18. if this were to be an Addon, I would suppress the installation so it doesn't show during setup if one integrates it on a new CD. Is this possible please? thank you
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