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  1. Only runtime pack I like to use, thanks again Kel! (Not a knock at anyone else's packs, this just has the right amount for me).
  2. Hi Kel, Mad bad; does that mean you updated it or those are what needs updating?
  3. Hi Kel, Just wondering if 5.1 is up to date or if MS updated any runtimes? Or the strong possibility you're busy and haven't gotten a chance. Love the pack, thanks.
  4. Check out OnePiece/Nonno Fabio's or MrDmX (sorry, the nice Turkish guy with the Roadrunner icon!!!) 99% sure they both are "true." Both are on the first page. But, best link is http://getfirefox.com :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Thanks a lot for all your hard work, this better show up in CPU Mag. soon
  6. Sweetness! Thanks a lot. Some themes are exactly a like (no offense to anyone) so it's like having duplicates. :thumbsup_anim:
  7. dougie, just a FYI, you got some extra info. in your home page link for the changelog: http://\&quot/;http://home.comcast.net/~dougiefresh31/XPtsp_GUI.htm%5C"
  8. Thanks guys, but what about the registry? Would anyone know if after I manually delete these, if Ccleaner would pick it up (in its' registry cleaner part)? I would also just like to know where they are located in the registry. Thanks again!!
  9. :thumbsup_anim: thanks a lot!!! Wait, did I miss something? Are there details?
  10. Hi, I wanted to know where/how to delete some themes in the Windows Registry and also to not have them show in the Display Tab of Appearance Properties... that's it!! Just don't know where they are how to safely delete them (also in the Windows directory to actually delete them as well :crying_anim02:) Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Just wanted to say I love the packs (haven't used all of them!!) Would it be possible to have more details, i.e., which are in Part1, Part2, etc.? Pretty obvious I'm going to get "7" in the first pack, but other then that, kind of a guessing game. :welcome: Thanks!!
  12. Uh... is anyone else having a problem with the Taskmanager not showing up when CTRL+ALT+DEL - or even going to system32 and double-clicking it?! This is the only program I've installed, hence why I'm asking here. Edit: Taskman had 0 bytes so I just replaced it with the one off my CD. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
  13. Hey dougie, Don't know if you know this, but when I log off-> switch user, the logon screen is blank. In other words, it shows the screen, but no accounts. If I hit enter or press left or right, it'll logon, but doesn't show the user. Known issue? Been this way since Sorry if you know about it, and thanks :thumbsup_anim:
  14. Thanks a lot Dougie (and bober et al), must have add-on. I do have a question which I should've checked out before, but oh well: I had 1.4.02 and then used 1.4.1 directly over it (i.e. didn't uninstall the first one). Now I see the backups are backups of what was modded. So first question I guess is since I think I have no "backups" (pre-patch), uninstalling it would probably reinstall the version's of 1.4.02, or am I wrong? And for future reference, should I uninstall the previous? Thanks :thumbsup:
  15. bober, it's not really that big of a deal, don't think you should be apologizing for anything. We all have work/school/life/etc. Sorry you're sick, hope you get better soon bro :thumbsup_anim: thanks amnesia for the explanation! Didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers, just trying to make a clean install and find out which one I like best!
  16. Sorry for not being able to figure things out, but the threads gotten as bit confusing. I used Dougie's version and it worked perfectly. I'd like to try the version - is there a changelog? Is Amnesia/the blue patch able to patch a Live system? If someone doesn't mind bringing it up to speed in a few lines, I'd appreciate it, it's an awesome patch!!! Just a FYI why I quoted the above, just one of the update posts I didn't understand :confused02: Thanks guys/gals
  17. Thanks, I'll check the reg and see what's up. Happy Holidays!
  18. Ack! Still no Win Updates List in CPL :sweatingbullets: Where can I do it manually? t88, try downloading the addon and reading the entries and see where they point, or use ResHack for the Switch less. For example I downloaded a Ccleaner addon and got something similar to where it would never show up in the Startup, so it could just be a compatibility issue with whatever skin(?) apps ur using, unfortunately I downloaded addons that had Spybots (NOT from KEL!!!) So maybe it's another addon ur using? Just food for thought, trying to help. Could be waaaaay off.
  19. Thanks for the info. The issue was: "UPDATE 1. Found a temp fix for the nLite problem... Go to the advanced settings under Bootable ISO, and change the ISO Engine setting from Default to Mkisofs and you will no longer get the boot issue when you use nLite to create an ISO./ edit:this problem should be fixed now, no need work arounds anymore.plz test and report." Is there an XPtsp with Blue Folders, or this is just done manually? Thanks.
  20. SUWEEEEETT Skull wallpaper!! That's not the one with the pack though - what's the skull one called?? Thanks dude! edit: found the wallpaper, "Skull Desktop1" by copperthistle.
  21. Hiya Kel, got a small prob as well. The Windows Updates List never shows up in the Control Panel. Been using your pack for a long time. Installed, uninstalled, even installed the prog by itself to see if it wasn't getting installed, but still doesn't show in CPL. Any suggestions? Also, where would I go in Regedt to make it show? Thanks alot
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