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  1. Well, my PC have Windows Vista preinstalled, and i want to put Windows XP, how could i know if Windows XP will have the drivers of my Hard Disk.. My hard disk it's a Samsung HD320KJ SCSI Disk Device Will be compatible with Windows XP?
  2. N1K, could you put some images? i cannot undertstand very well, i want to install XP and conservate Vista..
  3. No, its the Windows Vista Home Premium Original ots not nlited
  4. Wow, well it seems that i will have to buy or download a Windows 2008 CD, Thranks!
  5. I have maked all, i just have problems in: 4. It gives me this error message 8.b. It gives me an error message in the following dlls: - regsvr32 initpki.dll - regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll - regsvr32 slbcsp.dll - regsvr32 sccbase.dll Well, and the Windows Live Messenger isn't Working, It could be a Windows Vista Error? It isn't the unique error that i have in Vista..
  6. Well i have tried with all the Windows Live Messenger Versions, 8.6 and 9.0 Beta. And it didn't let me to connect, i have tryed with another software likje Pidgin, Emesene, aMSN, but nothing... I can Surf the Net without problems, i Use Firefox and Opera. I Will Try that registry key and comment. Thanks Edit: I have tried the registry key and is the same.. the msn haven't worked This is the error: It isn't the unique think that didn't work fine in Windows Vista...
  7. I didn't know thah, i will try it and comment Edit: I have owned it correctly buy i cant replace it :S
  8. Does someone remember that Wallpaper that was in Windows ME, that had some pines covered with snow? Someone Have It? Thanks Beforehand Greetings From Argentina //WIN//
  9. Ehm, its a problem of Firefox, in my QuadCore PC uses 300.000mb to work, i dont have problem here but in my pc that have just 1 core and 256 of ram it's a grave problem. Thats Why i Use Opera (L) Try it, you will like it
  10. I prefer OpenOffice 2.4 against Office 97-2003 But i prefer Office 2007 Against all =) I have only in 1 pc installed MS Office 2007, in the anothers y have OpenOffice.
  11. Vista one, i dont have another Firewall
  12. Well, i have downloaded some themes but i can't use them because when i try to copy the patched dlls it gives me this error Im in a administrator Account but I cant modify the Windows Folder.. Do You Know How I Could Do It? Thranks Greetings From Argentina //WIN//
  13. Ok, thranks, well i will make a question, i have this in my PC: AMD Phenom 9750 (QuadCore) 2GB Ram 320GB Hard Disk And the Operative Sistem it's Windows Vista Home Premium, i use the PC for Games, and i need a Operative System that have a good administration of ram, etc. I have listen that Windows 2008 Server its better than vista, is that true? It Have DirectX10? Im asking that because I have a some problems with Vista...
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