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  1. of course i want the new OS to have funcionality, security, usability, etc., i was just pointing out something else.
  2. the current texas hold'em isnt very good on vista anyway. most 3rd party ones are better
  3. dude these are sweet! i got to use as an avatar!
  4. Overall the screens look good, maybe Vista now can update to a little better look in SP2 or something like that.
  5. I wouldnt touch these builds until an actual Beta 1 is released, because Windows 7 is supposed to be nothing like Vista. I'm waiting for something different.
  6. the OEM would be the best, and if support is needed, we are here
  7. I havnt done mine in a while, and I've had mine for around 9 months, still getting around 3 on a 6 Cell.
  8. TouchPad, but i have a wireless USB mouse hooked up.
  9. I get about 3 with Aero, on my HP w/ 4GB RAM, only a 6 Cell too
  10. WMP11, iTunes just for Syncing iPhone
  11. I'm using Virtual PC, just becuase I don't have VMware Workstation right now.
  12. I chose BitComet here, because I am using it right now. I have uTorrent and LimeWire, but BitComet seems to be fastest for me.
  13. Windows Vista Ultimate, safe, fast, reliable, and way better than XP! (at least for me, everything at least works for me:P)
  14. I really dont care about it, IE7 is what I use.
  15. Reflections Blue, looks good on my 20 inch Widescreen
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