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  1. 16 messages about Quantum theory from the former thread, if you allow to post it. Perhaps such conversations are a pleasant offtopic. 16_messages_about_Quantum_theory.doc
  2. If programs require DotNet 4.5+, use Windows 7.
  3. Hello colleagues, here is an archive of forum's topic "Windows XP, 2003 x32 on modern hardware" (2018-2021) from win-raid.com, for the benefit of WinXP' admirers. https://www.upload.ee/files/13683020/WinXP_2003_x32_on_modern_hardware.rar.html EDIT: above is a new link, with small corrections, and divided into 5 parts. If one-page, consumes 190 mb of RAM in Firefox. View in Firefox, because Chrome doesn't support spoilers. (If you have downloaded the previous file, please delete, this one is better).
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