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[HELP]Installing windows XP with Norton Gost.


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I am upgrading my school's WindowsXP Operating system after a long time...

I remember last time what i did...

There are 12 computers and all of them are IBM Pentium 3 computers,so this is obvious that the entire hardware is same in all system...I also check them and yes they are all same in hardware...

I have to install my Latest Updated windowsXP + Office2003 and some other require softwares in each and every individual system....[No Network]

Is is Possible that first I install Windows + all essential softwares in one computer and make a Norton Ghost Image of it....

What do you know guys ? That image will work on other system or Not....?

This will be more time saving for me if it is possible....

Waiting for reply....

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One thing I don't understand about Ghost Installation is MBR....

We have different Harddrives has been partitioned with Disk Manager [DM] Utility....Does Norton Ghost Copy the MBR when creating an *.GHO Image file and replace it on the destination computer...?

Because I did try to copy C: Drive's data from one computer to another after re-partitioning the HD and that never Boots the Operating system for me....Sad

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Yes, Norton Ghost (the 2003 version which works in DOS) does copy the MBR. You can have a formatted drive and apply a ghost image and Windows XP will load.

Norton Ghost 2003 is the best version of Ghost. I never like the ones after this version because it requires the Recovery Console.

When you say you tried to "Copy C: drive's data" you mean like xcopy or as in ghost image?

Unless the PC's are identical with the same hardware, you probably wouldn't want to do that.

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