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Encoding conventions for NT6.x True Integrator .ini and .inf Files


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Hello, and thank you for this great website and this awesome tool. NT6.x True Integrator and Win Tool Kit are simply extraordinary tools that compliment my current arsenal. I am a total n00b when it comes to coding .ini and .inf files, so please excuse my ignorance. Just one question today,..

When coding .ini and .inf file for use with NT6.x True integrator, What is the proper encoding and line ending convention should I be using when using Netepad2.

ie: Unicode, UTF-8, etc...

ie: Windows (CR+F), UnIX (LF), etc...

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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DX WinNT6.x True Integrator is able to recognize any scenario.

For example, if you write a string in this way:

Line1 & CRLF & Line2 & CR & Line3 & LF & Line4 & CRLF and so on, DXWNTI will be able to handle it correctly

Anyway in windows CRLF is used as default and so it is the one you should use:

@CRLF ; Windows
@LF ; Unix
@CR ; Mac

About notepad, you can save it as you like:UTF-8, ASCII, etc.

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