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[Solved] Invisible Main Form


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Oh forget it... It is OK now. I've just deleted all files that was created previously from windows toolkit.

Maybe it is not worth searching what caused it.. The previous version was working with the same files I did not change anything.... just mentioning...

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Seems like he just deleted the older .exe version of Win Toolkit and dropped in the new one. Maybe a conflict was caused with the old ini or config files or registry setting and the newest version of the exe? I know it's always safest to start completely over with all new stuff when you change versions, but it's handy to keep the older settings to enable you to build just like you've built before. Is there some kind of list of "the only files you should keep" or "the files you should definitely NOT keep" when changing versions to prevent mishaps like this, or do you think that this was just a weird fluke?

Cheers and Regards

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Yeah you should be also to just directly replace the old version without deleting anything but up can tell them from the video that he has been using that method for a very long time. I could see all of the log files and some extra files in the same directory.

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