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Why integrate Internet Explorer first, and not at the end, after all other updates are integrated?


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The question in the title, if it has the answer I believe to have, I think will help Lego alot in its further development of its app.


First - the ''old problem'', hadn't had the time to make a thread for it earlier - as you can see from the screenshots posted here and here, Win Toolkit will not only pre-integrate a certain update before IE10, but also before IE9 (without any reason). Also, as other have posted elsewhere, there are four updates (KB2786081, KB2670838, KB2726535 and KB2729094-v2) needed for IE10 right now as prerequisites.


But I never understood why there is a need to install IE before the ''normal'' updates in the first place. IE can be a prerequisite only for IE-related updates (that have IE in the title) and IE language packs. IE 9 or 10 isn't needed to be installed first (to my knowledge) before any KB9xxxxx or KB2xxxxxx windows-related update.


So, unless someone else says otherwise, why not let Lego simplify Win Toolkit's code by letting IE9 or IE10 install lastly (before IE language packs and IE-related updates)? Otherwise, Lego, you'll have to add rules to install 4 updates before it (ok for IE10, redundant for IE9, as is the case now, as shown in the linked screenshots), or maybe even more - we'll know soon when IE10 will be released as a final stable build. :)



Also, as I've requested here, Win Toolkit would better install the updates in Microsoft's order, as for example Windows Update sorts them on a live system and installs them in that order - the current states of affairs, installing first for example KB2786081, KB2670838, KB2726535 and KB2729094-v2, after that IE10 and language packs, then the other KB9xxxxx and KB2xxxxxx (and only if the user already has them sorted, Win Toolkit doesn't sort them further) - this way it's just weird. In my vision, a ''perfect'' way (after my request regarding sorting is done) is that no-matter-how the user loads the updates, first KB9xxxxx and then KB2xxxxxx are installed, and only after IE9 / or IE10 and it's language packs and/or updates. Much simpler and more Microsoft-like, or am I missing something?

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IE can be a prerequisite only for IE-related updates.

That's exactly why it appears first, that way the IE related updates definitely get integrated. IE10 Integrates just fine with KB2670838 alone.


Also when you click start in v1.4.1.12, IE10 gets pushed automatically to the bottom of the prerequisite list.

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I'll be back on this topic once IE10 is out, and its final .msu / .cab will be available. However:



1. If IE-related updates are the only reason, then last year I remember there was only one out-of-band update for IE9 that didn't came out on Patch Tuesday. All other updates that came out on Patch Tuesday were pre-integrated by Microsoft in the updated .msu from that month.


Also, if my sorting request would be fulfilled, right now all other updates are going to be integrated after the IE9 msu for ''Microsoft alphabetical'' reasons, as requested here.


Going to reply again after IE10 out. But if this is still the case then also, I don't see any reason for you to keep installing IE at the top and keep making code rules for pre-requisites. IE will install just fine if it was supposed to be installed last, with other updates with IE in the title and IE language packs also in that last category, these also installing just fine with the ''Microsoft alphabetical scheme'' applied (KB9xxxxx first then KB2xxxxxxx, and also for IE the updates had a higher KB number than IE, or if the msu was integrated - named simply IE9-win7 - was sorted by Explorer and also hopefully by Win Toolkit afterwards for alphabetical reasons).



2. You say that IE integrates just fine only with only one KB as prerequisite. But this isn't a safe approach at all. If Microsoft says that four updates are prerequisites, then please make sure all these updates are integrated (a pop-up screen or smth if those updates aren't detected).


Once again, I'll be back after IE10 final is out. :)

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